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Metro Body 2024: Criza on Sticking to a Fitness Routine That Works for You

When it comes to fitness, Criza emphasizes the importance of finding what works for you and sticking to that instead of following what society dictates should be done or should not be done

Metro Body 2024: Criza
On Criza: Swimwear by Etam

In the glitzy world of showbiz, where perfection often seems like the standard, Criza sticks to her commitment to authenticity. Her path to self-acceptance is a testament to the fact that true beauty transcends societal norms. In an exclusive interview with Criza, she opens up about her personal journey with her approach to fitness and diet in time for the summer season.

Preparing for a shoot can be a meticulous process, but Criza takes a more relaxed approach. “Wala ako masyadong preparation actually. I just try not to eat a lot… but I don’t limit myself when it comes to shoots like this because I want to be able to enjoy my job at the end of the day.” Criza’s laid-back attitude underscores the essence of beauty which lies in confidence and authenticity. By embracing her natural self and refraining from excessive restrictions, Criza sets a great example.

In an industry where staying fit is a priority, Criza’s honesty about her routine is refreshing as she hasn’t been consistent with workouts. “I’m planning to do Pilates because I heard that it’s the best type of workout for a woman’s body… Gusto ko rin mag-running. Nakikita ko kasi na sobrang daming nag-e-enjoy mag-run. So parang nai-intriga ako na gawin siya kasi naririnig ko na it has been becoming a therapy for them.” Her regimen mostly revolves around her diet as she follows the One Meal a Day (OMAD) approach. “So kakainin ko pa rin lahat pero isang meal lang siya. So after that, wala nang kakaininPero at least na-e-enjoy ko pa rin lahat ng gusto kong kainin.”

Criza’s admission emphasizes the importance of finding what works best for individual needs and interests. By adopting a balanced approach to eating, she demonstrates that it’s possible to savor the pleasures of food while still being mindful of overall health and well-being.

But the path hasn’t always been easy as Criza reflects on her journey to self-acceptance, revealing a time when she struggled with societal standards. “When I was growing up, actually, parang wala po ako masyadong care sa physical appearance ko. Pero when I entered show business… that’s when I became more conscious sa sarili ko. So there was definitely a phase na parang hindi ako masaya sa sarili ko, hindi ako masaya sa itsura ko, sa weight ko,” she shares.


Despite initial challenges, she found her own way to being confident and healthy in her body. “Kasi at the end of the day, hahanapin mo lang talaga ’yung routine na bagay sa’yo,” she muses. Her emphasis on moderation and enjoyment reflects a healthy relationship with food, free from guilt or deprivation. It serves as a reminder that food should be enjoyed in moderation, rather than seen as something to be strictly controlled.

As the Metro Body campaign coincides with summer, Criza finds the season synonymous with confidence in her body through beach escapades and outdoor adventures. “Beach person talaga ako and gusto kong mag-freediving. I’m very excited to try that.” With Siargao being her favorite island to return to and wanting to take a road trip along the coast of Hawaii, Criza’s love for adventure highlights seeking experiences that nourish the body and soul.

Moreover, Criza is passionate about spreading the message of body positivity with the help of this campaign. “I think we should accept all shapes and sizes here in the Philippines. Parang gusto ko ma-normalize talaga na accepted ka kahit ano’ng shape mo, kahit ano’ng body type mo, kahit thin ka or thick ka, ano’ng kulay mo. Kaya I really support Metro Body.” Criza’s belief serves as a powerful statement of how confidence stems from self-love and finding what’s best for you and your body. 

Criza is #fitnessgoals in the gallery below:

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Shot on location at Novotel Suites Manila at Acqua

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