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Metro Body 2024: Kaori Oinuma's Love for Adventure Is Her Secret to Staying Fit

An outdoorsy, sporty girl, Kaori serves as an inspiration for her adventurous and on-the-go lifestyle

Metro Body 2024: Kaori Oinuma
On Kaori: Outfit by SAVVYSWIM

Leading an adventurous life and staying fit are two synonymous things in the book of actress Kaori Oinuma. Maintaining an active lifestyle and being constantly on the go have always been important for this athlete. She was part of the basketball team in high school and expressed her love for the sport to this day; another sport she was recently drawn to is tennis. 

"Sporty girl talaga ako e," Kaori said, adding that she's always been mindful of physical fitness and overall health and wellness. But even the most disciplined athletes can have hiccups in their routines. "Nagkaroon ng time na nag-stop ako," she shared. "Pero when I start something talaga, tinutuloy-tuloy ko siya."

Consistency in working out is easier said than done, but Kaori is determined to be disciplined with that and her food intake. She told Metro.Style, "Before ko mag-start ng workout [routine], gusto ko maging vegan na talaga kasi hindi talaga ako ma-meat na tao. But then I realized that to gain muscles, kailangan ko ng protein, eggs, chicken. Mas ganu'n 'yung food na tine-take ko ngayon." 

And because she's been frequenting the gym and following a specific diet, she didn't have to prepare harder for her Metro Body photo shoot; after all, that's precisely why she's a perfect fit for the campaign一no crash dieting and what she says she does, she actually does. 

Metro Body 2024: Kaori Oinuma
Kaori Oinuma and onscreen partner Jeremiah Lisbo, who's also part of the Metro Body 2024 campaign
Kaori Oinuma and onscreen partner Jeremiah Lisbo, who's also part of the Metro Body 2024 campaign

"First time ko po siya gagawin [Metro Body]... nervous po ako but at the same time, I feel proud din of myself kasi nag-step up ako sa comfort zone ko," Kaori opened up; and stepping out of her comfort zone is what she also remarkably did with her performance in the 2023 film A Very Good Girl

To get in tiptop shape, she simply went on fasting for 10 hours, drank lots of water, and then went for a run and a quick workout the morning of the shoot to reduce puffiness. Her normal workout routine includes a 3k to 5k run (she recently joined the Runrio Earth Day Run and was a 10K finisher), push-ups, core strengthening, and weightlifting. Kaori's exercises target her arms and core, with the ultimate goal of building and toning muscles.

Her active lifestyle extends beyond the gym. The What's Wrong With Secretary Kim actress also loves hiking and freediving. This certified beach girl discovered freediving last year and has been squeezing it into her me-time agenda whenever her schedule permits. "Bored ata ako last year," she giggled. "So, sabi ko, gusto ko mag-try ng something na hindi ko pa nagagawa. So, nagpunta ako sa Batangas, nag-freedive ako mag-isa and until now, bumabalik-balik ako du'n."

While she frequents Batangas, La Union is another local destination she wants to go on a road trip to and explore. Overseas, Bali, where she spent her birthday last year, and Maldives are the places that top her summer travel bucket list.  

Kaori Oinuma is #fitnessgoals in the gallery below:

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