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WATCH: Sizzling Hot Duos Headline Metro's Body Issue 2019

Today’s social media generation has never been more exposed to judgment and criticism, just as the need for social media approval and ‘likes’ has permeated our psyches. The pursuit of physical perfection has not, in the least bit, waned, with a long list of dietary practices and exercise programs continuously being developed to fulfill every fantasy or whim to be “body beautiful.” But what does it really mean to have the perfect body?


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Fitness and good health go beyond one’s shape, size, and skin color, and veer away from the confines of age and gender. It’s no longer about physical strength and athleticism, but rather, it goes deeper into one’s mind and soul. The present movement towards body positivity embraces everything about oneself—flaws and all. Self-love includes celebrating the positives and accepting one’s imperfections, inside and out. This year, we aim the spotlight at duos who give new meaning to body beautiful. Together, these duos establish the value of having supportive relationships while in pursuit of the ideal body and overall well-being. From friends and real-life couples and onscreen tandems to the familial, we hope to inspire you to achieve your best self.



Arci Munoz, JC Santos, Kylie Verzosa, Megan Young, Angie Mead King, Joey Mead King, Gab Valenciano, Kiana Valenciano, Phil Younghusband, Margaret Hall, BJ Pascual, Janine Gutierrez, Angel Aquino, Tony Labrusca, Yassi Pressman, Issa Pressman, Karylle, and Zsa Zsa Padilla, in a special photoshoot by Seven Barretto and Cha Lico (BJ and Janine).


From Metro Body Issue 2019, available in newstands now!