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In Photos: Metro Body Special Featuring the Star Magic Artists (Part 2)

These celebrities are taking a step forward to support and lead a confidence and body positivity campaign that empowers everyone and celebrates every body

Tonight, May 4, 2023, the time has finally come for Star Magic talents to celebrate in full house as they honor and embrace every body built. The event, “Hot Summer: LaHot Sexy,” promotes confidence in one’s own skin. In line with the summer event and advocacy is Star Magic’s collaboration with us through the traditional Metro Body campaign. 

A regular execution by the Metro superbrand, Metro Body has been championing movements that inspire readers to not just care for and love their bodies but also be confident about themselves. This year, as a timely reminder for those who may be experiencing body shaming, bullying, or rejection, Metro and Star Magic teamed up to promote body positivity with anecdotes from artists, like Ria Atayde, about what they think of the campaign’s messaging based from their own experiences or self-love journeys. 

Among the Star Magic artists who participated in the Star Magic x Metro Body photo shoot are Ria and Gela Atayde, Alexa Ilacad, Joseph Marco with his girlfriend Dasha Romanova, BGYO Gelo, BGYO Mikki, BGYO Nate, Karina Bautista, Luke Alford, Paolo Gumabao, Dalia Varde, Ashley del Mundo, Sophie Reyes, Cianne Dominguez, Mary Delle Cascabel, Enzo Almario, Mela Habijan, Anne Lorenzo, Raf Juane, Lucas Garcia, Igi Boy Flores, Jhaiho, Nonongn, Lie Reposposa, Seham Daghlas, Drey Brown, Izabel Reyes, Alexa Macanan, Beatriz Teves, and Xyriel Manabat. Couple JV Kapunan and Shaine Macela are parents-to-be, and the Metro Body shoot that showcased Shaine’s baby bump was also like their first family photo.

Check out the Star Magic x Metro Body special Part 1 below:

In Photos: Metro Body Special Featuring the Star Magic Artists (Part 1)


In Photos: Metro Body Special Featuring the Star Magic Artists (Part 1)

Browse through the gallery below and check out these Star Magic artists in their steamy Metro Body photo shoot:

Photography by Dix Perez and Seven Barretto

Art direction by Chookie Cruz and Erwin Botin

Sittings editors: Geolette Esguerra, Troy Barrios, Anna Rosete, and Grace Libero-Cruz

Styling by Aaron Mangsat and Carvey Samonte using H&M and Blackcode Manila (Gelo, Mikki, Nate, and Mickey), Danae Dipon (Ria and Gela), Bea Constantino and Than Supresencia with styling associate Joal Dizon (Karina), Patty Yap (Alexa Ilacad in Helen Piece), Edlene Cabral with Bullet Reyes (JV, Shaine, Xyriel, Dalia, Ashley, Sophie, Alexa Macanan, Beatriz, Izabel, Drey, Seham, Lie Jhaiho, Igi Boy, Nonong, Joseph, Dasha, Raf, Anne, Mela, Enzo, Lucas, Cianne, Mary)

Makeup by Paoie Minerales (Coach Mickey, BGYO Mikki, BGYO Nate), Patty Cristobal (Dalia, Alexa Macanan, Igi Boy, Raf, Mary), Xyrene Eugenio, (Karina, Shaine, Ashley, Beatriz, Lie, Nonong), Emma Hernandez (BGYO Gelo, Sophie, Seham, Jhaiho, Anne, Lucas, Enzo, Cianne), Effie Inigo (Ria and Gela), Pong Niu (JV, Joseph, Xyriel, Drey), and Jake Galvez (Alexa Ilacad)

Hairstyling by Catherine BalingasaJennifer PascualJhenny Rose Fuentes of Triple Luck Brow and Nail SalonAnton Papa (Ria and Gela), and Angel Jamelarin (Alexa Ilacad)

With interviews by Judy Arias

Shoot coordination by Red Dimaandal

Seven's photography assistants: Gillian Claude Villahermosa and Dariel Miraflor

Special thanks to Michelle SyStar Magic, Laurenti DyogiThess Gubi, and Reily Santiago

Metro Body 2023: Ria Atayde Champions Body Positivity


Metro Body 2023: Ria Atayde Champions Body Positivity