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Metro Safe & Sound 3: 35 Years And Counting—The Company Continues To Highlight Their Prowess As A Filipino Vocal Group

Its current members Annie Quintos, Sweet Planado, and Moy Ortiz talk about their secrets to success and their undying passion for music

From starting as back-up singers for local pop stars in the 80s, Filipino vocal group The Company eventually rose to fame through a break that turned them into veteran hitmakers. Their popular songs include "Everlasting Love" (1997), "Muntik na Kitang Minahal" (1992), and "Now That I Have You" (1992).

The all-around vocalists have explored various music genres such as traditional choral music, pop, mainstream jazz, smooth jazz, dance, R&B, contemporary a cappella, novelty, folk, Brazilian, gospel, electronica, rap, Christmas swing, bepop, vocalese, alternative pop, musical theater, classic rock, Latin music, and so much more.

At present, it has four members, namely Annie Quintos, Moy Mortiz, Sweet Plantado, and OJ Mariano.

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The Best of ’90s and 2000s Music Lead Benefit Show Metro Safe & Sound Series 3


The Best of ’90s and 2000s Music Lead Benefit Show Metro Safe & Sound Series 3

Annie Quintos on the secret to their success

How did the group succeed in the music industry? Annie was quick to answer that it all started with self-belief. “This is not the self-righteous or yabang kind of belief in yourself,” she clarifies with Metro.Style. “But believe in yourself because you know that you have a special talent that you can share because you’ve been gifted with this talent. And this gift that was given to you is given by an all-giving, infinitely-loving Friend and Father that we call God.”

It’s a kind of present that is so special that you can hone and share with others. “Pagalingin pa para you can express that unique self of yours and then share it freely to everybody,” she says.

While working hard is a good thing, Annie said working smart turned out to be an approach that yielded better results for her. “Because you worked smart, you’re guided, things come with ease, and everything becomes much easier,” she explained, adding that this includes kicking off your days with meditation and prayer. “Keep God at the center of your work or whatever it is that you need to do. Make him the center and things will come easily. For me, that’s the most important thing that anybody can bring along in any industry and any career that they have.”

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Metro Safe & Sound: Celebrate Easter Sunday At Home With Jamie Rivera

Sweet Plantado on her favorite original songs of The Company

While they have put up so many timeless songs as a group, "Itutuloy" (1994) will always hold a special place in her heart. Aside from the fact that it was the very first cassette album of The Company that she got, she also fell in love with its lyrics and melody. “It’s like the verse in the Bible na, ‘He who began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it.’ So sabi sa kanta, ‘Itutuloy, itutuloy dito o doon. Itutuloy ang lahat, saan man naroon. Maganda ang simula kaya walang katapusan, kung hindi ka hihinto at itutuloy mo lang.’ That’s my favorite.”

She may be missing her usual outside activities and "me time" sessions, but she’s been making the most of the lockdown by sharing her vocal talent with others. “I keep myself busy by giving voice lessons online, that way I also earn. And hopefully more workshops in the coming weeks,” she shares. After all, she enjoys staying indoors with her children, cooking, and coloring books. Inspirational songs have also been a source of positivity for her these days.

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Metro Safe & Sound: Katrina Saga Brings Joy Through Music This Holy Week

Moy Ortiz on putting up more singing projects with The Company

Having a vision and focusing on one’s goals and ambitions seem to be an essential key to the success of The Company, which is celebrating their 35th anniversary this year. They’re showing no signs of stopping—in fact, Moy revealed that a new album under Star Music is currently in the works.

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While it’s still on hold due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, he makes it a point to stay creative with music. “I write new songs, I arrange songs, I rearrange old songs, and I just keep myself busy during the day with music,” he said.

Apart from jamming out to sunshine pop or soft rock music from the 60s and 70s, he also stays positive during the crisis by strengthening his faith in God. “There is a time for every season under the heavens that said in the book of Ecclesiastes,” he said. “I believe we may be going through tough times now, but everything is temporal, and I also believe that God is still in control.”

Watch The Company's performance for Metro Safe & Sound 3: The Best of OPM 90s - 2000s below:

Catch the other performances of South Border, Joey G., Ogie Alcasid, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid for Metro.Style Safe & Sound on Metro.Style's YouTube channel.

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