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EXCLUSIVE: "Perfect Timing Is The Key To Everything”—Metro.Style Cover Star Elisse Joson On Taking Things One At A Time


In a sea of pretty faces in an industry like showbiz, it is easy to see why young actress Elisse Joson has found her spot and shines through in her own unique way. The commercial model-turned-actress is not afraid to take her audience into her world through her bubbly and raw YouTube vlogs as well as her well curated Instagram feed. 

The natural stunner is comfortable sharing her daily life to her fans through social media just as much as she is at ease acting on-cam. On her YouTube channel, which currently has almost 120,000 subscribers, she lets viewers have a peek at her life behind the scenes—from her cute moments with her dogs Spicy and Macmac to her skincare routine to her BTS makeup sessions during photo shoots.  

“I do not have a specific theme on my channel. My channel’s goal is to really let people know more about me, and what my life is all about,” this Vivo ambassadress shared. “ I love editing videos, so I edit my own videos for my channel. I share what I feel like sharing to my viewers, like I love doing makeup, so I show them that, too. I also show them some behind-the-scene sides of being an actress.”

As an actress, Elisse is ecstatic to play her first lead role as Stella in the weekend series for kids, Wansapantaym: Ofishially Yours. She plays the role of a mesmerizing lady who is often looked up to for her beauty but despised for her mean attitude, and was thereby cursed to be a mermaid. Her feature aired in May, and her cast mates are the members of BoyBandPH. 

“It is my first time to be the lead actor in a series. It’s a show for children, and although it is comedy and light, it is my first time to really learn more and dig into my range and versatility as an actress, as this is my first lead role. Before this, I would always play support roles and kontrabida, and just like I always do, I cherish every role that I get because I am learning a lot from each opportunity,” she said.

Elisse has come a long way to get to where she is in her career right now—and she could not be more grateful of how fate has given her the perfect timing for everything.


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How her career started
Maria Chriselle Elisse Joson Diuco was born on January 6, 1996 in Balanga, Bataan. She was raised singlehandedly by her mom, Christine, who is an anesthesiologist. When she was 10 years old, they moved to Sacramento, California in the US. After five years, the young Elisse came back to the Philippines with her mom.  

“When  we came back here when I was 15 years old, that was the time when I first became interested to go on go-sees for TV commercials. I never wished to be an actress because at the time, I just got curious about some of my friends, who were going on go-sees, and they shared they’ve done it pretty much all their lives, from when they were kids. So I was considered new in the game even if I was in my teenage years already,” she narrated. 

Elisse had her taste of showbiz when she was tapped for support roles in TV commercials. She later auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition Season 5, wherein she went through the rigorous selection process. In the end, she didn’t make it to the show. 

“When I first auditioned in Araneta for PBB, there were a lot of steps to finish and I went through all those till the end. But I never got a call back so I thought maybe it was not meant for me. So I let go of it,” she said. "I didn’t consider my first audition with PBB as a failure, because it has become one of the steps, too, to be where I am now. I got a lot from that experience, such as positivity.”

With a positive mindset and determination, she went on with her life auditioning for TVCs and shows. Later on, she landed on a TV commercial role that would change her career and life forever.


Elisse Joson holds the high-end smartphone Vivo X21 / Elisse's neutral beauty looks


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The perfect timing
A campaign of a fastfood chain pulled a lot of heartstrings among viewers with its emotional yet relatable national TVC. It features Elisse as a woman who was having second thoughts on sitting at the exact table or spot where she got dumped by a former lover, as she cried over a love lost. The video immediately went viral online and currently has more than 2M views on YouTube. 
“That commercial opened a lot of opportunities for me. When I finally got in PBB the second time I auditioned, I believe that commercial was the reason why. It became viral. So I really considered that as one of my biggest stepping stones that opened a door of greater opportunities for me,” she said. 

Her second audition for PBB was not a walk in the park though.  

“It was not handed to me easily just because I auditioned before already. There were even more steps I had to go through and they really digged into the story of my life. It was not handed freely, and for me, it was better that way because I could say I really worked hard for that spot,” she said. 

Dubbed as the “Hugot Girl” in Pinoy Big Brother: Lucky Season 7 that premiered on July 11, 2016, Elisse has solidified her relatable appeal as her real-life love story was tackled during this stint. Millions of viewers watched her as she had her closure on live television from her former boyfriend, actor Jerome Ponce. Jerome was a star of Be Careful With My Heart when he decided to keep his relationship with Elisse a secret because of the demands of his showbiz career. Just like the woman in the commercial she became known for, Elisse had chosen to close the door and move on. 


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Moving forward
“I do believe in perfect timing, not just with opportunities but even in daily life. For me, perfect timing is the key to everything. Even if you are going through hard times and dealing with problems, perfect timing is the only solution sometimes,” she said. “So if you are going through a bad time, allow yourself to go through it. Don’t think or worry too much about it, because the time will always come when you would realize why you had to go through that. And once that time comes, you’d learn that it was also the perfect timing to learn certain things, and it is also the right time to know the purpose of it.”

Moving forward in her life, love life and career, Elisse has since snagged a number of good acting roles. After PBB, she starred as Lorraine “Lorie” Pedrosa in the hit teleserye Ang Probinsyano, along with PBB housemate and love team partner McCoy de Leon. Gaining a lot of fans as a love team, the two were later on tapped to be part of another teleserye, The Good Son.

“For me, after PBB, blessings kept pouring in. But everything is one step at a time, which works well for me because I also need to learn how to be patient. Everything in my career, you can say is slowly but surely,” the actress shared.
“Like right now, it is my first time to be a lead in a series. I am learning so much about the process and even about myself as a person and as an actress. I can’t say yet that I am really, really good in acting, but I can say, I am still learning. And I can see that I am improving. I love that Wansapanataym is so light and not so dramatic, and yet I still get to learn  a lot.”

Elisse also shared that she enjoys playing the role of a bida-kontrabida just like Angelica Panganiban’s role in Ruby. “Before I got in the PBB house, I did some small roles and guestings for some shows, where I’d always play the kontrabida. I’ve realized that I can already dig in deeper when I do kontrabida roles these days, and on the other side of it, I get to play around with playing the nice girl role. It is nice that I have the chance to show what I can do for both. I love roles that challenge me as an actress. I also learn a lot from veteran actors on the set.”

Elisse is taking in every moment in her reel life. “Right now, all I know is I want to stay in the entertainment industry because I still want to learn. I enjoy acting and I want to improve my craft for myself. What I love most about acting is you get to be vulnerable. Especially for me, as a person, I am not that expressive in real life, and I do have walls. Being an actor gives me a chance to wear my heart out on my sleeves. Acting allows me to be vulnerable without judging or hurting anyone.” 


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Photography by Seven Barretto

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