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EXCLUSIVE: Engaged Couple Slater Young And Kryz Uy On The Bright Future That Lies Ahead Of Them

They believe that no person is perfect, but that there is a perfect person for everyone. For engineer and Pinoy Big Brother: Unlimited Big Winner Slater Young and influencer/author Kryz Uy, they found that perfect person in each other. 

Metro.Style flew to Cebu to visit engaged couple Slater Young and Kryz Uy in their hometown. In this exclusive cover feature, we talk to the couple about how their relationship blossomed, their wedding plans, the family home they're building, and the importance of giving each other room to grow as individuals.


This Metro.Style cover was done in collaboration with SweetEscape, a photography service with a network of professional photographers around the world. SweetEscape has been the go-to supplier of people who want to immortalize their holiday vacations and special moments in beautiful snaps.



Sweet beginnings and even sweeter endings 

The 28-year-old beauty is quick to joke around their romance, but the love of her life is just as ready to fire back with his own memories of how their relationship began.

"I didn't like him. We didn't like each other at first," Kryz quips.

"And I thought she was maarte," Slater teases. 

The playful back and forth between the soon-to-wed couple lasts for a few more moments until they settle down, fingers lacing together and hands settling down on Slater's lap in a show of crystal clear understanding of the other. Underneath the jabs and jokes is a love unbound, the kind of connection needed for the foundation of a lasting marriage. 

Getting serious about the precious moments leading up to their relationship, they reveal how it really played out: the Cebuano couple had been acquainted for some time and shared many close friends whose gatherings often brought Kryz and Slater together, but the attraction was never there. 

At the time, Kryz was also in a long-term relationship while Slater had his eyes on to Manila where he joined (and won) Pinoy Big Brother, consequently beginning a career as a Kapamilya artist. Yet even in the months that followed Kryz's split with her former beau, she was convinced that Slater would never be an option because of his budding stardom. Being a part of a celebrity's life in the public eye could never be her cup of tea. 

But that was just Kryz's side of the story; Slater had other plans. The more they spent time together—and the more he enjoyed Kryz's company—the more his heart started to beat for her. And the more Kryz got to know Slater through the lens of singlehood, the more that her feelings towards him changed and strengthened. 

And so, the chase began. 



Slater expressed his intentions for Kryz. And while she had initially been receptive to them, she still found herself holding back. His persistence and attentiveness to her were unlike any other, but underneath his many pluses were a handful of minuses centered around his pursuit of fame. 

"One day I woke up, and I texted him this really long message saying 'Ayaw ko na. I can’t deal with this right now.' And he wouldn’t back off!" Kryz reminisces. 

"I was like, 'Just take it one day at a time, and just slowly.' I just kept seeing him, and he just kept on proving my initial judgment of him wrong. Then I met his family, and they’re like the best people in the world. I remember when we first started dating, I kept waiting for something to go wrong... It [was] like [trying to find] a problem, because there was no problem!" she continues with a smile.

As it seems, Kryz’s fears were unfounded. Slater not only turned out to be genuine and in it for the long haul, but best of all, also a lovely match for her Filipino-Chinese and Cebuano upbringing. (It definitely helped that Slater eventually traded in his star status for a full-time career as an engineer and entrepreneur—professions that his wife in the making was much more amendable to). 

With a sense of sweet sentimentality, Kryz continues, “Slater [was] very charming. The first day he had dinner with my family, he called my sister ate in Chinese automatically… He clicked with my brother and brother-in-law instantly because they came from the same school. They talked the same, their jokes were the same, so when we would have dinner as a family and I’d see him there, I’d think ‘P'wede!’ Eventually, my parents came around."


Look! Kryz Uy And Slater Young Get Officially "Chinese Engaged" In Their Ting Hun!



What followed was a romance many dream of but only a few are blessed with. The pair bonded over many local and international trips, friends and family grew to be huge fans of their relationship, and their unique cultural and religious traditions became chances to deepen their intimacy. 

In time, Kryz grew to appreciate his simplicity and humility ("He literally does not care about 90% of the things the world cares about. How he dresses, what to eat, what you’re wearing, all these material things, he does not care. He just wants to be chill and do his own thing," she says).

And when it came to Slater's favorite things about his lady love, he adores her independence and respects the depth of trust she affords him. ("Hindi siya 'yung clingy type of person. I can be open with her about anything, like lahat ng mga [kalokohan] ko dati. Even when it comes to the things that might make other girlfriends jealous, siya, okay lang," Slater proudly describes). 

And so, after three years of learning, loving, and living life to the fullest by each other’s side, Kryz and Slater got engaged in February. It was the natural path for a love like theirs that bloomed and blossomed without difficulty to take. Drawing from their love of travel, Slater popped the big question on the snowy slopes of Niseko, Japan and Kryz wholeheartedly gave him the biggest, surest “yes” of her life. 

ting hunbachelorette party in Las Vegas for Kryz, a stag party in Bali, and a breathtaking pre-nup shoot in New Zealand eventually followed. 

Looking back, the rollercoaster of a relationship Kryz was expecting to have with Slater never came. There were no dramatic fights, no prolonged arguments, no reasons to doubt what they had going. Instead, what awaited this young couple was smooth, sunny sailing, one filled with shared values, a mutual respect for the other, and an excitement to begin the rest of their lives as husband and wife. 

As they prepare to leave the familiarity of the dock together and glide through gentle seas, Kryz and Slater share what lies on the horizon ahead: a wedding for the ages, an exotic honeymoon, and a cozy home to call their very own


"I’ve been through a lot of relationships, and 'yung mga hinihingi ko sa past relationships, nakikita ko kay Kryz... I like to have my own space; she likes to have her own space... I love you, but I want to have my own life. Like if I’m busy, don’t take it like I don’t care about you"—Slater   




"We never fought because we’re like the same person. Our values are super synced. The way he thinks is so similar to the way I think, so we never had conflicts... He just lets me do my own thing and vice versa... What’s nice about our relationship is that we resolve things pretty fast, and in a very mature way"—Kryz   



Growing pains, reassurances, and glimpses of the future 

In just a few months’ time, Kryz and Slater are to become Mr. and Mrs. Most of the big day’s details have been thoroughly planned out by this blushing bride. Yet, more than being preoccupied with dresses, decor, and guests, she and her dashing fiancé are focusing on what the process is teaching them.  

When it comes to these two, what might be the unfortunate downfall of a relationship has just been another opportunity for them to be reassured of their compatibility. 

Slater reveals, “Ang daming mga stress na dinadaanan namin ngayon. I feel like nakikita ko talaga character ni Kryz. Sometimes we argue; no couple is perfect, but we’ve never fought for more than a few hours and always work it out [afterwards]. Nakikita ko rin na 'pag nakikita niya na super stressed ako, sinasalo niya.” 

Kryz, on the other hand, is grateful to see a snapshot of her future as one half of a happily married duo. 



“Now that we have to make decisions together, that’s when the conflict comes in. [Usually], he just lets me do my own thing and vice versa, but now that we need both our heads together, that’s when the conflict comes in… Making all these decisions together, it really puts things into perspective. For the rest of our lives we’re going to have to make decisions like these. So at least, we’re learning how to communicate with each other better [as early as now],” she adds. 

Being inherently relaxed individuals who have never been at each other’s throats or clashed head on with each other’s opinions, agreement and balance are at the core of who they are as a couple. Slater knows when to give Kryz room to do what she’s best at (in this case, majority of their wedding’s aesthetics and the event’s nitty gritty details), whereas Kryz is attuned to Slater's technical talents that she’s given the spotlight to now that their home is being built. 

Speaking of their home, this couple admits to the craziness of their decision to simultaneously plan a wedding and stay on top of a tight construction schedule (they're giving themselves a heart-stopping seven months to complete the process!). Truly a feat to achieve, the big rush is credited to Slater who unabashedly expresses eagerness over living under one roof. In fact, he's so motivated by the thought that he's even half-joked about being more excited about moving in together more than the wedding itself!

Openly sharing details of what they’ve accomplished so far, this engineer in love describes their future home in Cebu as a reflection of them as a couple. A mostly glass structure with a pool at its center, it will be filled with natural light and accentuated by organic elements. A roomy kitchen and sizable walk-in closet are Kryz’s only non-negotiables, and yes, children’s rooms have already been accounted for as well. 


Look! Slater Young And Kryz Uy Start Building Their House In Cebu



Of course, building a home together naturally stirs daydreams of what the other will be like as a future spouse. 

Slater has his heart and mind set on seeing Kryz continue to be her selflessly sweet, dedicated, detail-oriented self. He’s more than happy to see her tick things off her personal and professional checklists and lend a helping hand to his soon-to-be wife, should she ever need it. And on the other side, Kryz is warmed by the idea of Slater being a fuss-free husband and model dad, someone who’ll love to pass down his values and principles to the family he promises to nurture for life. 

All in all, it's clear that Kryz and Slater were made for each other; the stars were always aligned, and it was only a matter of time for them to finally heed destiny's call. 

Though many might worry about a relationship that feels too good to be true, Kryz and Slater prove that things can be as picture-perfect as they seem. Love like this exists—simply take a look at them, and you'll know this to be true.


Metro.Style worked with Cebu-based photographer Jan Gonzales for Kryz and Slater's second digital cover.



Cebu-based videographer Kurt Fick documented this cover shoot.



Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz and Sara de los Reyes

Photography by SweetEscape and Jan Gonzales

Videography by Kurt Fick

Makeup by Shyra Qyumbi

Hair by Criieszha Canoy

Styling by Edward James Castro, assisted by Axel QueKim Monteza, and Miles Lorejo

Shot on location at Bai Hotel Cebu

Special thanks to W Talent ManagementJenny SyjuecoVisions & Expressions, and Bigseed PR