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Mother-Daughter Duo: Mikaela Lagdameo and Noelle Martinez

Mikaela shares tips on raising a teen daughter, and Noelle opens up about the best things she learned from her mom

As they look like they can pass as sisters, it’s pretty obvious why one of the coolest mother-daughter duos in the industry and social media circle are that of Mikaela Lagdameo and Noelle Martinez. They click and bond like they were born into the same generation, sharing the same passions, strengths, and principles. 

This Mother’s Day, in a recent conversation with Metro.Style, Mikaela and Noelle walked us through the wonders of their relationship as mother and daughter, making it real, natural, and without pressure. “Not the typical” is how they would describe their tandem, dishing out some secrets on how to preserve such partnership.

“We’re only 18 years apart. I had her when I was 18 so it’s actually more like a sister kind of relationship,” socialite and digital creator Mikaela Lagdameo shared with us.

“But sometimes, I have to remember I’m her mom,” she continued with a chuckle. “And so, it’s trying to balance that. I guess it has its pros and cons as well.”

Sharing that their conflicts rather resemble petty sibling fights than serious problems, Mikaela notes, “I feel like our generation is so different and I feel like when I raise my kids, it’s like I try to put myself in their position—like what did I wish my mom was or how they were when I had certain situations that I was going through, so I try to do that as much as possible.”

Now 19, Mikaela’s daughter and Star Magic artist Noelle Martinez attested to the dynamic that she grew up in. “I don’t think I know a lot of people who have that connection with their moms. I’m also the eldest among my siblings—and only girl—so my mom plays the role of like an older sister,” she told us. 

Going on trips together, posting stylish photos, and being fit, fab, and beautiful are the sound of Mikaela and Noelle’s drum. Their similarities are easy to spot, and it’s ever clear and concise—they walk in the same shoe size, wear the same fit of clothes, are fit and sporty, and many more!

“Sometimes, we have the same circle of friends. We have common friends, which is funny because at least sometimes, you can have dinner and go out and [it’s] with the same group of friends,” Mikaela revealed, explaining how their relationship fares in many fields. Noelle, however, opened up about the opposite characteristics that she and her mom have. 

“Based on personality, I’m the more emotional one,” Noelle chimed in. To which Mikaela interjected, “There you go! I was like that before. It’s only recently—like now—that I’ve learned how to divide the emotional versus the logical,” she argued, insisting that she was able to muster all the maturity a little bit late. 

While it is not long ago that Mikaela finally arrived at a new life perspective, she imparted that as a parent and as someone who has seen her child come of age, she has actively witnessed a bucketful of wisdom from her daughter that she didn’t possess back when she was young. She then butted in and spoke highly of Noelle and her strengths.

“She knows how to set her boundaries; she knows how to voice out what she really feels; she knows what she wants; she’s clear about how she should be treated and how she also treats others; she’s also aware about her emotions,” Mikaela punched in. As Noelle is the more vocal half, her mother values the health of their dialogues and is attentive to the details.

Mikaela also takes pride in how Noelle turned out to be an amazing teenager. “It’s a good thing because that’s also something that I’m trying to work on, so she learned that ahead,” she tipped off in an exclusive interview. “Not many kids or teens nowadays have the ability to do that. Many teens don’t know how to cope with that but I feel like she knows when it’s a wake-up call.”

As independence enthusiasts, both Mikaela and Noelle are blessed with the ability to gun for their ambitions. “She knows where she stands and she’s confident with that and she takes the necessary work to be able to overcome anything that she goes through,” Mikaela answered, when asked what she admires most about Noelle.

Similarly, Noelle applauds her mother’s determination and ability to deal with almost any situation into which she is submerged. “She’ll really do it if she has that goal in mind. She’s determined and off to be like ‘okay, that’s where I’m headed’ and then, it happens!” Noelle exclaimed, expressing her astonishment toward Mikaela.

Aligned in terms of mindset, Mikaela and Noelle are a team worth emulating as they are watchful and mindful of their goals and methods. “[We are] goal-oriented and focused. We want to get results, you know? We’re not lazy and we’ll do the necessary work to get there and even if it’s hard work, I feel like it always pays off in the end,” Mikaela emphasized.

While Mikaela works fast and Noelle tends to be the one who takes more time, this mother-and-daughter pair is definitely something to look up to. They share, communicate, and confide in each other, embracing every moment, experience, and at times, the occasional tragedies.

Scroll down and see more of our Q&A session with mommy Mikaela and Noelle:

Metro.Style (to Mikaela and Noelle): It looks like you are on the same page as you have a shared passion for content creation, fashion, and fitness. We’re curious, though. In what aspect do you totally differ from each other? What are the exact situations where you can say that you are officially polar opposites?

Mikaela: "I like to do things fast, like I want to work right away—get things done fast. I’m on the dot! Deadlines? I’m done! But I like to do things right away. Her? She’ll take her time!"

Noelle: "It depends on what it is, though. It depends what it is. With work, I’m very focused and I get it done but when it comes to chores and stuff like that, I really push it aside."

Mikaela: "Me? Every day has to be clean. I don’t like clutter!"

Noelle: "I’ll only clean if I need to work—if it’s messy. Yeah, that’s really me."

Mikaela: "Me, I can’t. I hate clutter. I think that’s one of our big differences."

Did Noelle have to convince you so hard to agree for her to join showbiz?

Mikaela: "Ah! You know, I never thought that this day would come. I thought she was far from it. I thought she would be [doing] arts, business—like something so different, because she was always shy. She didn’t want to be in front of people; she’s always hiding from the camera. So I never thought that this would be something that she would like, but the time came and initially, it was a surprise. 

"I don’t want to be that parent who will stop their child from doing something that they want to do and [what] they want to try out. We can’t say ‘no’ because we don’t know their experience; we don’t know how it is to be exactly like in their shoes. We were once teens but it’s never the same. Each path is different; each child is different. Even if they came from the same two parents, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re exactly the same because each one, really, is so unique. We have to be able to recognize their talents and what they have and their passion for it because we have to really support that as parents. I will never be the person to stop my kid from doing what they want to do."

Lately, a lot of things have been happening to Noelle. As a Star Magic talent, she was part of the recent Star Magical Prom. In January, she also brought an activewear brand into being. She is really on a roll! With all these achievements and apart from what she already accomplished, as a parent, when were you proudest of Noelle and why?

Mikaela: "She’s grown so much in really identifying how she could improve personally and standing up for what she believes in. She is really taking the time to work, setting her priorities. There are so many that I can’t highlight anything specifically. It’s really in general, as a person. [I’m proud] of who she is and how she’s turned out to be ‘cause I never imagined that she would be this strong. 

"For her to be able to voice out everything for me is a lot already because if you can be honest with yourself and be vocal about it and be just real and authentic, I think that really matters because she doesn’t have to prove anything to anyone to gain likability or gain friends. She is her authentic self and I think being that, you can really go a long way in life because being authentic is what really matters the most. You don’t have to try to change yourself or prove to anyone that you’re someone else. I mean, I think that’s what I’m proud of—she is her." 

What was the greatest advice that your mom has given you? 

Noelle: "It’s not like a specific quote, but one thing that she taught me is really like the value of working hard—to be super goal-oriented, to actually do the necessary work to get to where you want to go. She taught me in many aspects—[in] business, in career. And in general, it could be like the person you want to become. It’s about doing the necessary work to get to where you want to go, and that’s one thing I really took away from what my mom has taught me. That’s the first thing that popped into my head."

Now that Noelle is already a young adult, what new discoveries or developments about her have recently astounded you?

Mikaela: "Sometimes, it’s really how she responds to certain situations, and I think when you see how your child has grown from when they were little to teenage years, you see how they respond to things and it really matters because it really goes to show what you’ve instilled in them—in raising them. And when they act a certain way, when they respond a certain way without you having to tell them, it makes you proud of how they are because you kind of see a little preview of how they will be when they are adults and fully on their own, and she has that. She has the independence that she can survive and make it on her own. And I think that as a parent, that’s what you think about. ‘Will my kids be okay even if you’re not around?’ Right? As you grow older, that’s what you think about—what do you leave behind with your kids. ‘What will I carry on?’"

Any tips you can share about raising a teen daughter?

Mikaela: "Put yourself in their shoes. Growing up as a teen, how would you wish your parents would have reacted to you or what would you have wished that they’ve done to you? How would they address your concerns if you were a teen? I tried to do that and it makes it more real to you ‘cause if you look at it from another perspective, it makes it easier to address, and I think it’s really finding the balance of that while also watching yourself. You can’t always be the type of parent that just because it’s not for you, doesn’t mean it’s also not for them. So it’s also dividing that way of thinking and really segregating it. Am I being emotional or am I looking out after her well-being or what I want is best? So it’s really important that she knows that before you do any action. You really think about it. You can’t be reactive."

Describe your daughter in three adjectives without telling us why. 

Mikaela: Strong, determined, creative.

Describe your mother in three adjectives without telling us why. 

Noelle: "She is really determined. ‘Determined’ is like my word for her all the time. Survivor! That’s what I would describe her. Superwoman."

What is your message to your mom this Mother’s Day?

Noelle: "Oh my gosh! What is my message? Why am I so nervous? I just wish that she’ll continue to find little sparks of joy—whatever she wants to achieve next. I just want her to continue to explore ’cause she had me very young so what I’m experiencing now, she didn’t get to experience. So now, I could see her going out of her way to experience the things that she wants to. I mean, it’s never too late to do that so I just hope that she would continue to find joy in discovering more of life and about herself, too, and to be able to go beyond her limits when it comes to different aspects in her life—that even though she’s older than me, she’ll continue to stretch herself. Like I said earlier, go beyond your limits, but also, find new things that you love. It’s never too late to do that. Yeah, just be happy."

Lead photos by @louiearcilla via @iamnoellemartinez

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