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In Photos: Michelle Madrigal Marries Troy Woolfolk In A Timeless Outdoor Wedding In Texas

Meet the Woolfolks!

Michelle Madrigal and Troy Woolfolk have gotten married, making their lifelong commitment to each other as official as can be. 



Since getting engaged in 2017, Michelle—a former actress best known for coming out as a Star Circle Quest finalist—has taken her social media followers along with her on her journey to wedded bliss.

Many watched her go through major personal milestones—including the birth of her first child, Anika, in October last year—and supported her through her diagnosis and healing from Hashimoto's disease (a thyroid condition).

Within a span of two years, Michelle had experienced a whirlwind of emotions and experiences leading up to her big day, making its arrival even sweeter and more fulfilling than she had ever imagined. 


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"Still on cloud 9 after yesterday. Solidifying my relationship, meeting new friends and reuniting with old ones. I love my family and can’t wait to embark on this new journey as being not only a father but now officially a husband!" wrote Troy on Instagram to commemorate the special occasion, while Michelle kept her message much more concise, but equally sweet. "My heart is full. We are #thewoolfolks," she said. 


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Surrounded by a select number of friends and family to witness their exchange of vows, Michelle and Troy were a vision in classic ensembles; she stunned in an intricately embellished, figure-hugging number by Allure Bridals in ivory with Troy dressed in a dapper gray tux accessorized with a cream boutonnière by Men's Wearhouse

Bridesmaids and groomsmen, on the other hand, were a handsome set in feminine dresses in blush pink and blue suits. 

With the lakeside Vintage Villas Hotel in Austin, Texas serving as the backdrop for the classic ceremony dressed up in timeless elements of rose and lush shades of green, all of it looked absolutely magical. 


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@twoolf29 @mitch_madrigal And their entourage ?? Vintage Villas Austin Tx

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Even without a theme, their wedding reflected some of the best things Michelle and Troy have bonded over through the years—a love for nature, adventure, family, and simplicity. 

Looking back at their pre-wedding photo shoot and their save the date video that featured them in stunning outdoor destinations, this event was a beautiful culmination of the tone they set. 


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Of course, they didn't skip the opportunity of having a little fun—not everything was solemn and serious! At their reception, they kicked the fun off with the sweetest first dance but quickly followed it up with hilarious dance moves that got their guests clapping and dancing along, too. 




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Looking back at her Filipino roots, Michelle tapped Manila-based photo studio NicePrint Photo to capture the most special moments from day to night, giving us a glimpse of what it was like to witness her and Troy embrace their new roles as husband and wife. 

Likewise, Michelle's mom Kaye and sister Ehra were there to be with her in her last moments of singlehood, ready to send her off to her new life as a married woman. 


See more photos of Mr. and Mrs. Woolfolk's wedding in the gallery below:




Photos courtesy of NicePrint Photo