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Members Of K-Pop Girl Group MOMOLAND Saw Liza Soberano's Version Of "Bboom Bboom"—Here's What They Have To Say About It

Recently, Filipino K-Pop fans' hearts were all aflutter after "It" girl group MOMOLAND announced their Manila concert scheduled on August 18 via Facebook live. With the undeniable popularity of their song "Bboom Bboom" in Manila, everyone is excited to finally see these girls dance to this hit here.

But the members of MOMOLAND are excited as well! During the 13-minute video, Nancy McDonie, Daisy Yoo, and Lee Ahin expressed their anticipation to meet the group's growing fanbase here.


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The girls also mentioned that they look forward to possibly meeting—you guessed it—Liza Soberano, who is Nancy's lookalike. Earlier this year, photos comparing Liza and Nancy went viral, and many people agree that they, indeed, look like sisters.

At 11:22, Nancy asked, "Did you guys see the video?," pertaining to Liza's performance of "Bboom Bboom," in which the Darna actress danced to the hit song during an event of a beauty brand she endorses. Here's the clip:



Nancy was quick to say, "We're so honored and thankful," adding that Liza is, "real cool." Meanwhile, Ahin thought the 20-year-old actress was "lovely."

Here's to hoping Liza and Nancy get to share a stage when MOMOLAND visits the Philippines in August!


Photos from @momoland_official