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Our Favorite K-Drama Moms (Aka "Eommas")

No K-Drama will ever be complete without the reassuring presence of at least one beloved “eomma” to cheer on our oppas and eonnies

When the lead protagonist of a K-Drama gets into trouble, you can always count on his or her eomma (mom) or eomoni (mother) to provide warmth, comfort and beautiful pieces of advice.

Just like in real life, these K-Drama moms are not perfect. In true "Asian mom” fashion, they can be cold at times and would nag at the son or daughter but are always looking out for their children’s best interest.

As one navigates the world of K-Dramas, we always come across familiar faces who evoke maternal care and love. We list down K-Dramaland’s favorite eommas who are always comforting to see.

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Enjoy binge-watching your favorite K-Dramas with your very own mom and appreciate all the love and selfless service mothers across the world unconditionally give. 

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