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The Must-See, Most Extra Celeb Halloween Costumes We Spotted!

There are two types of people that crop up come Halloween—those who cruise by the evening like it's any other un-extraordinary night, and those who prepare for it like their lives depended on it! 


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We're highlighting the second batch of folks in this list and we truly wish there was more of them; these local celebs did a fantastic job at getting all costumed up, proving that Halloween really is a holiday worth getting excited for year after year. 

From designer-made capes to sexy couple ensembles, check out these famous faces who went all-out for Halloween!


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Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford

The newlyweds didn't just celebrate Halloween; they went all the way to Hong Kong for grown-up trick or treating, dressed in no less than re-interpreted Batman and Robin costumes. That eye makeup on Coleen is amazing!



Batman and Robyn ?? #harbourcity #discoverhongkong #outwthecrawfords (?? @richardjuan)

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Sarah Lahbati

The already-alluring Sarah Lahbati worked her magic even more when she dressed up at Disney villain Maleficent; sky-high horns, vampy cosmetics, and cape (created by no other than Rajo Laurel) all included. 




The Rivera-Dantes fam

What's more awesome than a single, winning Halloween outfit? A family ensemble, of course! Check out Dingdong Dantes as Domino, Marian Rivera as Poison Ivy, and little Letizia as a convincing little Joker (Heath Ledger's take on him, in case you were wondering). They're going to have to top this next year with a group costume good for four, as these parents are expecting a second tiny tot to arrive soon!



Thinking if i should wear this to the #TheColorRunPH Hero Tour this Nov 18! @iamsuperph @thecolorrunph

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Choose your poison. #Halloween2018 #TeamDantes

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Why so serious??? #MariaLetizia #Halloween2018 #TeamDantes

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Enrique Gil and Liza Soberano

We already know that the Haunted Hollywood Halloween party they hosted a few days ago was the best Halloween get-together this year, but boy oh boy, we can't get enough of this love team's outfits! Enrique as Jared Leto's Joker and Liza as a girly-fied Pennywise looked totally creepy side-by-side—just as Halloween couples should be. 



#HauntedHollywoodParty ?? hahahaha

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Maymay Entrata and Edward Barber

Two dolls born out of pure evil came out to play this Halloween—all in good fun of course, thanks to Maymay and Edward! As guests in Liza and Enrique's Hollywood bash, this lovely pair made heads turn (or spin) as dolls Annabelle and Chucky. 




#AnnabelleTopModel ????

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Maxene Magalona and Robby Mananquil

The nostalgia for Halloween-ers was strong with Maxene and Robby tribute to childhood favorite, Street Fighter! Ryu and Chun Li made a reappearance with these two's dedication to getting the outfits just right. 



Tag team ?? #RyuandChunLi #Halloween2018 ?? @erikayamaguchi

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Sweet Fighter?? ??: @erikayamaguchi #Halloween2018 #RyuandChunLi

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Mariel Padilla and the Showtime cast

Another witch is out and about—albeit a less evil, and more relatable one in the form of Mariel Padilla's Elphaba! The actress got fully made up in black and green alongside her cast mates whose outfits were equally impressive.




Anne Curtis

Watch out; unpredictable psychotic behavior is on the loose! Or at least it was, with Anne Curtis going about her day as Suicide Squad's Harley Quinn. 




Vica Ganda

The Black Panther cast (or specifically, Angela Bassett's regal Ramonda, a.k.a. Queen of Wakanda) would have definitely taken note of Vice Ganda's outfit. Going for a fully committed dress and head piece rather than a play of cosmetics for this year's Halloween look, he owned the holiday, without a doubt. 



#QueenOfWakanda #Halloween2018 #LanKwaiFong #HongKong

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Wakanda Forever

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Julian Trono and Ella Cruz

Barely recognizable in their Joker and Harley Quinn get-ups, this duo was heavy on the face paint and even heavier on adopting a different persona needed for the scariest night of the year. 



JulianElla Harley Quinn and Joker for Halloween @juliantrono @ellacruz ??????

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Vhong Navarro

There was no singing but all screaming when people on the streets figured out who he was—the demon barber of Fleet Street!



Happy Halloween ?????? #SweeneyTodd

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Maine Mendoza

Who said Halloween costumes needed to be serious and scary all the time? All-around funny girl Maine Mendoza switched gears and made her audience tear up in laughter with her super unique, one hundred percent original costume: a pretty lady sitting doing her business in the toilet. 



Me giving a crap about halloween ??

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Camille Co

Husband and wife in the making Joni and Camille turned the tides when he went as Tinkerbell and she showed up as Peter Pan! It was awesome to see what simple gender reversal can do to costumes. 




Isabelle Daza, Adrien Semblat, and baby Balthazar

No one could have predicted that this young family would choose to send a meaningful message on Halloween: be present in time, and don't allow yourself to be consumed by social media!



Photos from @coleen @sarahlahbati