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Multi-Hyphenate Maven Nadine Lustre Is Building Her Online Businesses

"President Nadine" builds her empire with this app and web-based online store builder

Multi-awarded actress and celebrity entrepreneur Nadine Lustre is busy building her online business empire and has chosen Shopboxo to be her enabler in this quest. Lustre, dubbed as President Nadine by netizens for her meticulous and thoughtful approach to life, recently launched her two online stores on and the re-launch of her is the newer of her two online ventures. It features her recently-launched Luster perfume, and will carry new Luster products as they are introduced. It also carries a selection of premium items from Nadine’s personal wardrobe. is a store for people who share Nadine’s passion for caring for indoor plants, it sells both plants, and the things plants need, as well as a selection of lifestyle products hand-picked by Nadine herself. Nadine is very hands-on in both of these businesses.

Nadine Lustre and Yassi Pressman Share Their Personal Struggles And How They've Coped


Nadine Lustre and Yassi Pressman Share Their Personal Struggles And How They've Coped

Nadine said, “It can be a bit difficult to handle an online business, but I'm glad Shopboxo is there to make things easier. It only takes a few minutes to set up your own store on the app, and the best part is it's free.”

Shopboxo CEO Kaniyet Rayev said that they designed Shopboxo's interface intuitively such that online merchants will find it very easy to use. "Uploading a product to an online store is as easy as uploading a story on IG. Tracking orders in real-time is as simple as going through comments on Facebook," Rayev said.

He adds, “With Shopboxo, our aim is to give small players with big ideas a real shot at realizing their visions, which might otherwise be unattainable due to lack of funds or technical know-how. Our aim is to finally make e-commerce the true equalizer it has always had the potential to be.” 

Forever free Shopboxo allows even non-techie online sellers to build their fully functional online stores in minutes, complete with visually appealing graphics. Store owners can receive payments directly from their stores via credit or debit cards, or e-wallets such as GCash or Maya, no more peer-to-peer transfers. Customers can arrange delivery in-store using any one of Shopboxo’s partners such as Ninja Van, Lalamove and GrabExpress.

Not even one year after its launch, Shopboxo already powers 70,000 stores across different regions and industries.

The Problem NOW

Many Filipino online sellers who sell via social media are faced with the challenge of dealing with customers directly, sending peer-to-peer e-wallet payments, or even more challenging, a bank transfer. Then they would personally need to arrange for delivery themselves using a whole other vendor. That’s three apps for just one transaction.

As the business grows, new problems arise like additional manpower for order tracking and inventory management. These things make it either impossible to level up, or crazy to even try.

With Shopboxo, and as Nadine herself said based on her experience: “My team can now handle inventory, manage orders, and sales all from their phones, so now they have more time to focus on other things like packing and shooting for the store.” She adds, "Access is available anytime for me too, so I'm able to see all the updates and store movements even when I'm super busy".

Shopboxo brings together virtually all of the nitty-gritty technical functions needed to run an online business. Orders, payments, and inventory are all tracked automatically. Orders can come in on a 24/7 basis if needed, and can be logged, paid for, and queued for delivery, store owners will be alerted when they need to do something. All of this functionality comes with zero monthly or setup fees, even as businesses scale-up. Shopboxo is now and will always be forever free.

“Keeping Shopboxo free forever is our commitment to our own cause, which is to lower the barrier to entry into entrepreneurship so that vision and grit now become the only necessary tools to succeed and to thrive,” assures Rayev.

About Shopboxo

Shopboxo is a forever free and user-friendly app and web-based online store builder with integrated online payment, inventory management, order tracking, and delivery functions. It is a product of Appboxo, a Singapore-based series---a technology start-up backed by top VCs such as RTP Global, Google's Gradient Ventures, Founders Fund, and Antler.

Appboxo aims to revolutionize the e-commerce experience across Southeast Asia and India and is committed to raising the standard for how companies of all sizes sell their products and services both online and offline. Appboxo is constantly exploring new ways to impact and disrupt markets.

Ready to slay being an entrepreneur like President Nadine? Set-up your own forever free online store with Shopboxo in just minutes, go to this link or download the Shopboxo app from the Playstore and Appstore and take those first steps.

Lead photos courtesy of GeiserMaclang/Shopboxo