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13 Reasons To Love Doona Bae, The Actress Behind Kingdom's Zombie-Fighting Seo-Bi!

She's modern, strong, sensual, and bright, and with her work, has ushered in a new brand of the female role model fit for the 21st century. Really, what's not to like?

When Doona Bae came to the realization that she wanted to be an actress, she didn't just want to look cute onscreen and grow a fanbase—she wanted to be a good actress, the kind who throws herself into the role a hundred percent and with her character, is able to the way we see the world, relate to one another, and for her female viewers, challenge their concept of the "perfect Korean woman." 

When you learn that this 38-year-old actress got her big break in Korea in Bong Joon-ho's directorial debut Barking Dogs Never Bite, thanks to her willingness to play a plain Jane, no makeup, no beautiful wardrobe kind of character, you'll understand her better; she's in this industry for the love of telling great stories as genuinely as possible, with glitz and glamour certainly coming in only second!

Overall, Doona Bae might seem like the anti-thesis to many a Korean star—she's a little rough around the edges instead of polished and perfect, prioritizes authenticity and artistry over box-office potential, and sees her role in a project as part of a bigger whole, instead of the single shining light that overpowers everything around it.  

She's superstar material, that's for sure, but certainly a superstar of a different kind and one that today's viewers could really use more of. 

Get to know Donna Bae and why we think she's a worthy 21st century role model in the gallery below!


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