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WATCH: These Celebrities Join Forces For A Touching Tribute To Our Frontliners

During these trying times, it's important to make the message crystal clear: We heal as one!

When a national crisis is at hand, all kinds of people are called on to do what they do best for the good of all.

Nurses and doctors man the hospital frontlines, security and law personnel handle peace and order, those with influence rally supporters to donate or volunteer, teachers continue to educate as best as they can, farmers toil the land to feed a tired nation, moms and dads keep the family together in faith and hope—the list goes on and on.

As for those who are safe and sound in the confines of their homes, you, too, have a role to play—be grateful, stay positive, share your strength and most importantly, send this message loud and clear to those who need to hear it the most!

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Tempted to say a known Buzz Lightyear quote about.. oh you know that one! Cause you know, space.. we look like astronauts.. going to the beyond? 😂 . . I never post work related stuff here in IG.. it’s not that I am not proud of what I do.. but because of something pretty petty.. (it didn’t fit my OC of a brains idea of what I should place in my feed) 😅 . . But I am posting now, not because of FAD or because “Uy cool magpost niyan ngayon.. naka PPE”. I am posting to raise awareness. ☺️ Awareness that COVID-19 isn’t a joke. The #stayhome tag should be taken seriously. We need to flatten the curve, so that we can see less infection rates and mortalities in the months (YEAR?) to come. Also, I am not posting to be gloried as a nurse. When I took my oath years ago, I swore to do my duties as a nurse and help the sick! And I have been doing so, going to work everytime upholding that promise. ☺️ . . You may be wondering, how does it feel when you’re wearing a PPE (personal protective equipment)? It depends of the level of PPE, the one I am wearing is the highest level. It is worn by those with direct and prolonged (8hrs shift, anyone) exposure to covid positive or probable patients. Yung feeling habang nakasuot ng ppe ay (I am not scaring anyone, it’s just the truth) 30 mins palang, hilo ka na. Hirap huminga gamit ang N95 mask pero kailangan talagang suotin for the protection of the healthcare worker. Ang init ng suit naman, para kang nagzumba class, mga 3 classes magkakasunod while naka jacket (yes, natry ko na po yan, kaya nacompare ko). Pagtanggal ng PPE, para kang lumabas sa sauna. Also, you may have seen photos of mask marks sa mukha ng ibang HCW, yes totoo that happens.. I just bare with it, that is a small price to pay for safety! Still I am thankful na merong PPE! To my fellow nurses who are having second thoughts about going on duty Friends, kaya natin ito! They will not send us to duty with proper equipment, and if they do.. remember no PPE, no duty! There are a lot of people who have our backs! I’d like to say thank you to all of the people who have been boosting our morale. From the bottom of my heart! 💕💕💕💕 #frontlinersph #flattenthecurve

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Stories From The Frontline: Healthcare Workers Share Stories Of Passion And Compassion Amidst The Coronavirus Outbreak

This is exactly what NicePrint Photo has been busy with behind the scenes while the country continues to brave the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

NicePrint (which caters to the creative photography and video needs of couples, families, brides, debutantes, birthday celebrants, and a myriad of other clients) may not be business as usual now because of the lockdown, but recently, it teamed up with its celebrity clients to put its expertise to good use. Together, they came up with a video tribute for Filipino frontliners who in the past months have sacrificed much of their lives and selves in the service of thousands upon thousands of their kababayans. 

In the nine minute-long short film, uplifting quotes and verses are interspersed with messages of thanks and encouragement from the likes of Ruffa Gutierrez, Camille Prats, Christian Bautista, Ara Mina, Angeline Quinto, Sunshine Cruz, DJ Chacha, Julius Babao and more, while Princess Velasco ends the tribute with a beautiful acapella performance. 

Check out the full video below: 


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The video might seem like a small gesture in comparison to everything that everyone on the frontlines have done for the Philippines in these difficult times, but even small and simple can amount to so much when it comes from the heart. 

To learn more about how you can help frontliners and others directly affected by the crisis, read this.

For ideas for how to make your time under quarantine better, check out this article.

And remember: stay at home, wear masks, sanitize, and stay hopeful! 

Photos from @sunshinecruz718 @iloveruffag @therealaramina