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Sorry Ladies, Nick Jonas Looks Like He's Officially Off The Market—And Is Making Priyanka Chopra Extremely Happy! 

"Jopra" might just be Hollywood's newest dream team!



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You read that right; the 25-year-old Nick Jonas who many of us saw break into the scene as one third of the boyband The Jonas Brothers is all grown up and is dating Indian actress Priyanka Chopra. It never occurred to them to be the least bothered by their 10-year age gap; attraction is attraction, and love will prevail! 

To those hearing—and possibly gasping—at the news for the first time, allow us to remind you about how this whirlwind romance began. 



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Nick and Priyanka first stirred the air when they not only walked the 2017 MET Gala together, but also attended Rihanna's after-party together. Asked about why the two seemingly spent the whole event together, Priyanka simply reasoned out by saying that they had both been wearing Ralph Lauren and were seated at the designer's table, which meant that hanging out was due to convenience.

What a great alibi it was! 



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More recently, they were spotted at baseball games, Memorial Day activities, a Beauty and the Beast show, dining out in Hollywood's glitziest joints, and sailing on a yacht with friends whilst packing on major PDA earlier this year. Their otherwise unrelated fan bases got wind of the budding romance and began to pay closer attention to this pair who, by the looks of it, was making no attempts to make their relationship incognito.



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Things got even more exciting when Nick reportedly brought this stylish beauty pageant title-holder to his cousin's wedding in New Jersey. What would have otherwise been a family event saw a future Mrs. Jonas among its guests, which by many people's standards, signals a deepening relationship. 



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However, the biggest news comes this month when Nick returned the act of introducing Priyanka to his family—by traveling all the way to Mumbai to meet Priyanka's mom! He supposedly treated her out to dinner last Friday night and openly held hands with her famous daughter. 

Following that shortly was what Jopra fans have all been aching for: an Instagram post setting this relationship in stone! 



It came in the form of Nick posting a short clip of Priyanka walking towards him on an outdoor patio on his Instagram Stories. She's shown wearing matching black and white checkered coordinates and donning her signature rouge pout. While not in the video, Nick simply captioned the post with the word "Her" and a heart-eyed emoji. The post was shared numerous times by Nick's many fan groups. 



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To make things even more swoon-worthy, the two have progressed to openly liking and commenting sweet nothings on each other's Instagram posts. If that's not making things official, we don't know what is!

While Jopra isn't as outwardly mushy as Ariane Grande and fiance Pete Davidson who have been catching everyone's attention as of late with how fast they've been moving, we're sure that Nick and Priyanka are just as into each other and loved up behind closed doors. 

Now the ball is in Priyanka's court; will she too dedicate an online post to her possible new beau? We're counting on it! 


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