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Nico Bolzico And Matteo Guidicelli Sizzle At Their Da Gianni Beef Cookout

It wasn't just the succulent slabs of juicy, prime beef that this event's guests enjoyed—it was the shirtless Matteo and Nico manning the grill that made mouths water, too!


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Of all the bromances to ever come our way, Nico Bolzico and Matteo Guidicelli's is definitely one of our favorites. This super handsome pair can never resist joking around when a camera is rolling, and they definitely up their game when a live audience is around! 

This couldn't be more true for their sold-out beef cookout at Matteo's very own Da Gianni Cucina Italia, an event that saw foodies from all over the metro enjoy the many delicious ways to enjoy beef. 


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Nico, who's originally from Argentina, and Matteo, who's always been proud of his Italian heritage, brought the best of their countries' culinary game to the meat lovers' event. Cooking up most of the steaks and homemade pasta served to guests that night, dishes were expertly paired with fine wine and good music to make it all the more enjoyable!

Matteo also enjoyed an extra boost of support from his longtime girlfriend Sarah Geronimo who made a rare public appearance with her beau that night, but Nico flew solo as his wife Solenn was overseas for another commitment. 


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The 30-year-old songstress clearly had a blast at the successful event where she and Matteo shared fun moments together. One snap shows Sarah being lifted in the air by Nico, while Manila Nomads rugby player Carlos Roberto Bianchi playfully did the same to Matteo. 


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This food event was the second Nico had in recent days and was the perfect follow-up to yet another night of delicious meats prepped by his brother-in-law and fellow food lover, Erwan Heussaff. Loving all the opportunities he's given to share his love for great food that's best enjoyed with good company, Nico happily documented the experience with a post featuring his signature sense of humor. 


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70 kilos of #bolzicobeef Viking Style in 3 hours! @Erwan responsabilitties during the event: 1- Cutting beef at 134 km/h. 2- Checking the wellness of the beef. 3- Serving. 4- Adding Salt. 5- Being in constant touch with our two head grillers Agustin and Carlos. 6- Making sure we dont out run of available beef. 7- Assuring the side dishes were replentish. #elbolzico responsabilitties during the event: 1- Putting Chimichurri. 2- Making dad jokes before serving the Chimichurri. 3- Showing off pelvis movements at the rythim of the reguetton while serving the Chimichurri. 4- Explaining what Chimichurri was made of. 5- Making sure we dont run out of Chimichurri. Thank you very much to everyone who came! And to the whole team that made this possible! #chimichurriisnotchimichanga

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Everyone who attended Nico, Matteo, and Erwan's events couldn't get enough of all the good things about the events, so we're keeping our fingers crossed that they'll organize the next one soon!


Photos from @matteoguidicelli