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Left Out Kids? Golden Globe Winner Nicole Kidman Leaves Out Adopted Children In Acceptance Speech

Multi-talented actress Nicole Kidman was honored with the award for Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television for her portrayal of domestic abuse victim Celeste in hit TV show Big Little Lies. Her win during the 75th Golden Globes held January 7 at the The Beverly Hilton gave the 50-year-old stunner her fourth Golden Globe, and eighth nomination.



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As she took the stage to accept the much-deserved award, fans and star-studded audience alike listened closely to who the Australian actress would thank. Her husband, Keith Urban, was at the top of the list, followed by her colleagues, mother Janelle, sister Antonia, and two daughters, Sunday and Faith. 

She was met with applause, sat back down, then the show went on. 



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But barely a minute passed after her heartfelt speech when the Internet fired up with pointed criticism from her TV audience. Many of them pointed out the fact that Nicole has two other children, Isabella and Connor, whom she adopted during her first marriage with superstar Tom Cruise. 

Some were quick to call her "savage," while others didn't mince words and flat out called her a "bad mother" for omitting them from her speech. It didn't help that Nicole did the same during her speech at the September 2017 Emmy Awards that named her the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Limited Series or Movie for the same role. 

Before you condemn Nicole, consider this kinder, more merciful explanation for her motives suggested by her other fans: 



Tom, Isabella and Connor

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When the pair split in 2001 after an 11-year marriage, the actor fully committed to the Church of Scientology and has since become one of its most prominent members. Isabella and Connor, who were not even teenagers at the time, stayed with Tom and were raised within the faith. In the Church of Scientology, its members that leave are unequivocally labeled as "SPs" or "suppressive persons" and are completely severed from their remaining friends and family within the church. 

Neither Nicole nor Tom have publicly discussed this consequence of their divorce, while Isabella has indeed called her an "SP," according to actress and ex-Scientology member Leah Remini who once shared a private car ride with her and Connor. 



For the most part, Nicole has maintained her privacy regarding the matter, but seems to be estranged from 25-year-old Isabella and 22-year-old Connor. It is not known if the three are in touch or still see each other, or if ex-husband Tom dictates the bounds of their relationship with her. 

In her Golden Globes speech, Nicole says, "Thank you so much. Thank you. Oh, first of the rank. That means my daughters are still awake. Sunny, Faith, I love you, I'm bringing this home to you, babies."

There is no doubt that Nicole loves her two little girls, but how she feels about Isabella and Connor remains to be up for speculation. 



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