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North West's Runway Debut Proves That She's A Kardashian Through And Through!

The five-year-old is the third generation of Kardashians to make a style statement we'll never forget!



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North Kardashian West, eldest daughter of Kim K and Kanye, stole the scene when she walked down the catwalk for the very first time at a L.O.L. Surprise! event over the weekend. 


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The toy brand that makes cute figurines of little girls and their sidekicks invited real-life tiny tots to dress up as their favorite characters to help launch its newest line of products, and North West came in a Thrilla-inspired outfit as on-point tribute to King of Pop Michael Jackson himself. 




She worked the venue—a glitter runway set in sunny Palisades Park, California—like a total pro, likely channeling what her mom and famous aunts all exude: confidence and sassiness! Phones and cameras were whipped out for the few seconds North was strutting her stuff, red moto jacket, zip black crop top, white socks, black loafers, Gaia Ark Bag and all.


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North's proud momma Kim was all eyes on her little girl, making sure to cheer her on and support her every step of the way. Others celeb moms were there clapping for their little girls too, including Busy Philips and daughter Birdie, and even Sarah Foster and daughter Valentina. 



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The pre-schooler did an awesome job at her very first catwalk experience, striking a strong pose when she got to the end of the aisle and treating her audience with the cutest twirl as a final look to her outfit. The rest of North's day was spent with the other little girls at the event—feasting on sweets and snacks, playing dress up, and enjoying all the toys available for them to play with!


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While this event marks another milestone in North's high-potential fashion career, it certainly isn't the first time she got firsthand experience with modeling. Earlier this year, she appeared alongside her grandmom Kris and mom Kim in a Fendi ad to promote the luxury label's #MeAndMyPeekaboo campaign. 

She's on her way to greater things, and we'll be there to watch it all unfold!



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