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In Photos: Here's A Family Reunion We've All Been Waiting For—Kobe Paras Joins Mom And Half-Siblings In A Super Cute Photo Shoot! 

The best things in life often require us to patiently wait for them to arrive, but when they finally do, the joy from the moment is indescribable! 



For University of the Philippines Fighting Maroons baller Kobe Paras and his mom Jackie Forster, that moment came when they finally made their way back into each other's lives after years of separation just a few months ago. 

It took many years and even more prayer-filled nights until the former actress' wish to be reunited with her two older sons, Andre and Kobe, was granted. As she parted ways with her first husband Benjie Paras almost two decades ago, little did she know that the separation would also create a rift between her and her first children, a physical and emotional gap that then felt irreparable. 

In the time before Jackie mended her relationships with Kobe and Andre, she went on to marry a second husband and started a family with her new love. Despite her happiness of nurturing a new family, her heart still longed to reconnect with Kobe and Andre. 


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While Jackie's attempts to reach out to her eldest sons in the last few years were public knowledge, she has remained extremely private—but thankful—about how she finally managed to touch base with them and rebuild their relationship. 

Her supportive fans were left pleasantly surprised when a photo shared on her Instagram account lit up her feed: the image showed a smiling Kobe and Andre with their arms around their mom's shoulders and was accompanied by a heartwarming caption about how her prayers were answered. 



When you have little pieces of you walking around on earth, all you can do that makes the biggest difference is to pray for them. When your heart beats in tune with your prayer their Homing Device will activate, eventually they come home. This is all that matters now, that we are together again ?? no matter what anyone says @_kokoparas will always be mamas hero ?? Thank you to kuya @andreparas for taking good care of him while mama was away. God is sooooo good! I told you all - #prayerswork I ask for everyone to please respect their privacy now, we have shared so much of our personal lives with everyone and we want to take this time to heal and bond. No more bashing please. We lift you all up in prayers and speak blessing upon you all. The boys and I do not want to dwell on the past. We will not speak on behalf of people outside of our relationship. That’s not our place. On behalf of my two sons I want to thank those of you who prayed for us and with us! God bless your hearts a million folds!!!! ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? J.A.C.K.Y

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To celebrate their joyful reunion, Jackie has been opening up opportunities for Kobe and Andre to bond with their three little half-siblings, brothers Jared and Yohan, and little sister Caleigh. Her three youngest are here in Manila, visiting the city's funnest sites and spending tons of time with their big brothers. 

Most recently, this family immortalized their bonding at a photo shoot taken care of by Nice Print Photo. Jackie, her husband, and kids (except Andre) dressed in adorable matching outfits and had a blast. 

Looking utterly content and happy, Jackie was all smiles in her photos, and we couldn't be happier about her family—and her heart—finally becoming whole again. 




Photos from @niceprintphoto @jackie_forster @theconceptroomstudio