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Oh, Baby! These 14 Famous Instagram Babies Will Make You Squeal With Joy!

Babies are the cutest.



HOME. Best part of my day ?

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They might be fussy sometimes, they might cry, and they might throw a fit on occasion, but most of the time, you must admit that a bouncing baby boy and a precious little girl are two of the cutest things this world can ever offer. (Our personal favorites are babies with extra pinchable cheeks and squeezable arms and legs!)


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These proud celebrity mommies and daddies who can't take their eyes—or hands—off their bundles of joy know what we're talking about. For these beaming parents, their kids are the most precious, cuddliest, gigil-inducing gifts they could have ever received, and if we were them, we would post tons of photos of them online, too!


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Now, if you're ready for your dose of cuteness, here are 14 famous babies less than two years old whose photos get instant double taps the moment their angelic faces appear on our feeds:



Pauleen Luna and baby Talitha

She's like a cutie-patootie marshmallow turned into a teeny tiny human. Pauleen and Vic Sotto's baby is so huggable and adorable!




It’s #bringyourchildtoworkday ?? #talithursday PS That KILIKILI though ??

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Pokwang and baby Malia 

We dare you to try to resist dressing up Malia in different outfits. With a baby this cute, it's pretty much impossible to wait for Halloween or other special occasions to play dress up! 



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Nikki Gil and baby Finn

You know what makes babies and their photos a hundred times better? When dads play an active role in caring for their kids!




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Mr. Egg ??

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Stephanie Kienle-Gonzalez and baby Arielle 

The thought of Stephanie having so many amazing family travel photos to show Arielle when she's all grown up brings smiles to our faces. This tiny tot has traveled the world!





Saab Magalona and baby Pancho

Don't let this little jellybean of a baby deceive you; he's small, but he's strong! Along with his mom, he's been through a lot and in the end, survived his twin sister, Luna. It makes him all the more precious and loved by mom and dad. 




I was taking photos of Pancho this morning and this behind-the-scenes video taken by @jimbacarro is just too cute!! Swipe left to watch — I want to turn Pancho’s sneezes and hiccups into my message/call alert tones!?? It’s a little harder to find clothes small enough for a preemie so we’re grateful that @bairnsclothing sent us a box of super cute onesie + booties combos! They’re a small company run by three moms of preemies. Part of their proceeds goes to helping other premature babies. Their most recent charitable effort was a thanksgiving event last January at the Kangaroo Mother Care ward of Fabella Hospital ?? How wonderful!! P.S. I had the flash of my A6000 completely bent backwards so it wasn’t directed towards Pancho, it’s a trick I use to make the light bounce off the entire room. Although I understand the concern and will not use flash photography until I check with his doctors ??????

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Liz Uy and baby Xavier

With a mom as stylish as Liz, you can expect Xavier to look OOTD-ready at all times!



Xavi ??

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Sarah Lahbati and baby Kai

It's baby number two for this young family, which means another handsome face to add to this beautiful brood. 



Happy Easter from these two ??

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Bea Soriano and baby Billie

That smile, those eyes, that sunny aura—need we say more? 





Isabelle Daza and her baby boy (she's still keeping his name a secret!)

This "It" girl who was once nervous about becoming a mother has received all the assurance and affirmation from her first child. Now, she's filled with nothing but pure happiness and fulfillment. 


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Camille Prats and baby Nala

Babies don't stay babies forever, and so Camille is making the most out of her time with Nala before time has flown—and certainly before Nala finds her "Simba!"





Bangs Garcia and baby Amelia

If Amelia Earhart conquered the skies, this Amelia is conquering hearts, starting with those of her glowing mom's and dad's!





Maricar de Mesa and baby Sky

In this baby's life, there's only one thing that can go higher than the clouds and sky: her mommy's love for her. 



I'm 9 months today!!! #AliannaSky #beachready #nofilter ???

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I love you forever ?? #AliannaSky

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Kristine Hermosa and baby Vin

Like vin, Vin is fine like French wine! We have zero doubts that this baby is going to grow into a dashing young gentleman in time. 



Late post: Morning sun ????

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@osotto #ViN

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Kaye Abad and baby Joaquin

He might be pocket-sized for now, but with parents like Kaye and Paul Jake Castillo to teach him to be kind, loving, and good, his heart (and the rest of him, too!) is sure to grow big and strong. 



Badtrip ka na anak? #3weekold

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Photos from @valeriebangsgarcia @nikkigil