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The Couples We Spotted At The "Opulence" Halloween Party

These pairs partied the night away at this Marie Antoinette-inspired event

The "Opulence: Let Them Eat Cake" Halloween party thrown by Mond Gutierrez, Ash Rye, and La Belle Fête was very well attended. It was an event that was doubly fun for couples, because not only did they get to party together, they also did so in showstopping outfits that complement each other. 

The parade of celebrities and society personalities was extra enjoyable, seeing how couples put together their ensembles creatively and cohesively. Their combined looks told different stories and takes on the theme of opulence. The best thing is that they seemed to have enjoyed dressing up for this Halloween party. It was fun seeing them in their costumes, toothis only happens once a year, might as well go all-out, right?   

Scroll through the gallery below to see the couples we spotted at the event:

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Photographs by Daniel Soriano and Rxandy Capinpin