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Our Favorite Sister Duos, And Why We Love Them!

Sisterhood—it's a multi-faceted relationship that only those who share a sisterly bond will fully understand. Often complicated, sometimes unpredictable, but definitely fueled by love no matter what, this unique relationship that doubles as a friendship is one that the closest of sisters could never live without. 


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It's such a gift of relationship to have that it's even garnered its own holiday: National Sisters Day! On this day that celebrates the best thing about being sisters—lipstick borrowing, outfit stealing, advice giving, and everything in-between—we feature some of our favorite pairs of sisters and why we love them.

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 Alex and Toni Gonzaga



If they hadn't looked so alike, you'd think they were best friends—or frenemies, depending on the situation. Either way, this incredibly endearing pair of Metro.Style cover girls has mastered the art of push and pull between two sisters who have spent most of their lives together personally and professionally. Both always in the limelight while pursuing their separate dreams, they've managed to stay incredibly close and sincere in their support for each other.


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Every time they're together on the red carpet, during interviews, or even on screen, it's clear that animated Alex is the yin to calmer Toni's yang, their energies always bringing out the best in each other. Their new book, Sissums: The 18 Rules of Sisterhood According to Alex and Toni Gonzaga sums up all these sisters have to tell about their relationship and details their lively personalities perfectly. Overall, these two are probably most relatable to the kinds of sisters who share a ton of inside jokes and secrets! 



Claudia and Julia Barretto



Together or on their own, Claudia and Julia Barretto are always a sight to behold. Stunning and elegant in any and all settings and ensembles, this pair of sisters are dead serious about impressing their audiences. As members of one of the country's most beloved showbiz families, their noticeable poise is inherent and natural, and definitely sets them above the crowd. 


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Successful in their own ways, what we love the most about these two is how they're most able to hone in on what's most important—family, building relationships, hard work—over distractions—gossip, internal competition—at such young ages. Their commitment to always staying by each other's side no matter what is a testament to just how close they truly are and the power of having a sister in your life. 



Anne and Jasmine Curtis Smith



The Curtis-Smith sisters are two of the sweetest sisters we've ever seen! Never without fresh smiles and stylish outfits to inspire their fans with, Anne and Jasmine have exhibited one of the most relatable and warmest sisterly relationships in the industry. Their genuine love for each other always shines bright in person and online; sharing a tight hug in support of the other or commenting with a heartfelt congratulations on a photo is something they often do, and we love watching out for these moments between them. 


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This pair of beauties who have graced the covers of Metro and Metro.Style are loved for their realness and humility. The fact that they can show their true colors and have a sense of humor that allows them to laugh at themselves have won everyone over, proving that fame and a straight path to the top could never get in the way of a solid sisterhood. 



Isabelle and Ava Daza



With a mom whose personality is bigger than life (and not to mention the the Philippines' first Miss Universe title holder), it comes to no surprise that Belle and Ava Daza are two of the scene's most striking personalities. They simply need to step into a room to make an statement; no grand announcements needed. To catch attention, their self-confidence and strong auras are all it takes; the glamor is simply an enhancement to the beauty that's already there. 


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Sharing their love for life, vivaciousness, and good looks, new mom Belle and little sister Ava have made a name for themselves as beauties who know not to take themselves too seriously. As deeply rooted in their professional lives as they are, they've made sure not to lose touch with themselves as off-screen individuals and with their roles as supportive sisters. After all, they're equally involved in each other's careers as they are in maintaining the other's personal well-being; there's bona fide care between these two, and it's often expressed through their unique language of love only they can truly appreciate. 



Georgina and Jess Wilson 



Models and entrepreneurs Georgina and Jess Wilson are great examples of how a close personal relationship can bring wonders to a professional partnership. Knowing each other inside out, they've rallied for each other and offered endless support for each other's endeavors. Most memorably, Jess is always onboard when Georgina has a new project with Sunnies—the sunglasses and now beauty brand that she co-manages with other close friends—and she's also proving to be an awesome auntie to Georgina's son, Archie. 


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As cousins to Belle and Ava Daza, they're similarly unfazed by the challenges that come with being in the public eye and have learned to carry themselves with style and pride throughout the years. Valuing successes outside those that come with being public figures, this duo makes sure to persevere and focus on lasting, long-term goals. These sisters are beauty and brains personified! 


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