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Park Min-Young Receives YouTube's Silver Play Button, And Decides On A Subscriber Nickname

It's a simple yet meaningful award for achieving 100,000 subscribers for her recently-launched YouTube Channel. Plus, she finally picked a nickname for her subscribers!

It has only been a month ago since Korean star Park Min-young launched her YouTube channel called "Just Parkminyoung," and yet she already has close to 500,000 subscribers as of this writing. And for surpassing the 100,000-subscriber mark, the actress and vlogger received her YouTube Silver Play Button.

On July 16, 2020, she and her bichon frise Leon shared the happy news via a vlog, wherein she did an unboxing of the cool treat from YouTube. "I'm pretty sure it hasn't even been a month since my channel opened. I think my channel grew a lot in a short time, since this came already," she said. "I'm really thankful and surprised... I'll keep doing my best for the channel." The Silver Play Button came with a touching message from Susan Wojcicki, YouTube's CEO.

Proud of this one-of-a-kind achievement, Park Min-young perched her Silver Play Button atop her fireplace, which serves as the focal point in her pristine living room.  

Park Min-Young Starts A YouTube Channel, And We're Loving Her More!


Park Min-Young Starts A YouTube Channel, And We're Loving Her More!

These Are All The Beauty Products In Park Min-Young's Bag


These Are All The Beauty Products In Park Min-Young's Bag

Also featured in this vlog is the subscriber nickname she had decided on. In her first vlog, Park Min-young asked her subscribers to recommend nicknames she can use to refer to them. "I made a promise when I just started the Just Parkminyoung channel. I asked you guys to choose a subscriber nickname for my channel, and that I would give a gift to the person who made the nickname that I like the most," she mentioned. The gift she was referring to is kimchi, which she loves making herself—"I'll make you kimchi, it's the best thing that I can offer."

She's been flooded with recommendations since. The ideas that were thrown her way included "Minari," "Jeonyang," "Ahsak," "Manyangs," "Minyons," "Babies," and "Kongal." She did some thinking, and later decided to go with "Minyons."

"A lot of my foreigner subscribers recommended this... 'Minyons,' like Minions. Minyons is nice!," she said. "I'm gonna choose Minyons. Because a lot of people recommended that name. And it also sounds like 'Minyoung' when I say it quickly. Minyons sound like a tribe. So the tribe that loves Minyoung's channel!"


Now, Park Min-young has a bit of a dilemma though! "How will I send kimchi to these foreigner subscribers?" Well, we're sure they don't mind waiting. Who knows, once the COVID-19 pandemic is over and it's safe to travel again, she could go on an Asian tour or even a world tour, and personally share her now-famous crunchy pepper kimchi with her fans. Should that happen, we hope she'd have a stop in the Philippines!

Park Min-young became famous for K-Dramas like Sungkyunkwan Scandal, City Hunter, Healer, Remember, Queen for Seven Days, What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, Her Private Life, and When the Weather is Fine.

Her What's Wrong With Secretary Kim partner, Park Seo-joon, had been to the Philippines, and recently received his YouTube Gold Play Button, too!

Photos from @rachel_mypark