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Korean Actor Of The Moment Park Seo-Joon And His K-Drama Leading Ladies

The rom-com master is one versatile actor we simply can’t get enough of

If you haven’t seen any of Park Seo-joon’s K-Dramas yet, it’s time for you to start now. We get it, it’s hard to choose which one to watch first from all the options available in various streaming platforms. So, if you’re having this dilemma, we recommend you check out Park Seo-joon and his shows—trust us, you won’t regret it!


12 Things You Need To Know About "Itaewon Class" Lead Actor Park Seo-Joon

Start from the recently concluded Itaewon Class, which is one of the highest-rated dramas in Korean cable TV history. It isn’t your typical rom-com K-Drama since its core is really about the lead male character's journey to growing a business while discovering oneself and strengthening relationships and friendships along the way—and this is why many found it great!

As Park Sae-ro-yi, Park Seo-joon breathed life into the character of a struggling, strong-willed restaurateur whose goal is to be the number one food company in South Korea.


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Because of the popularity of the show, Park Seo-joon’s past K-Dramas—What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim, Fight for my Way, and She Was Pretty—are resurfacing and are back on the list of the top shows on Netflix. All these K-Dramas prove why he deserves his nickname as the “master of rom-com”—with his characters, he can be cute, charming, and pure yet he can look sexy and passionate, too!

The moment he smiles, it’s hard not to swoon. The moment he delivers his lines and takes on the romantic scenes with such impressive timing and mastery, it’s impossible not to fall head over heels in love with him.

As there are reports stating that Park Seo-joon will be paired with actresses Jun Ji-hyun for the upcoming drama Mount Jiri and IU for a new film, we revisit all of his leading ladies.

Below, see the actresses Park Seo-joon has worked with in K-Dramas:


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