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Surf's Up! Check Out The Philippines' Hottest Surfer Girls We'd Love To Hang Out With At The Beach

We're sure they'll make the best beach tour guides, too!



Before surfing became the activity to try out for the casual beach-goer, these bonafide surf girls were already riding waves, shooting curls, and turtling for years.

It partly explains why they're all so evenly olive-skinned and enviably fit; surfing is an all-around fitness activity, and it's definitely a plus that you get to work on your tan while you're out at sea!

And while there are tons of surfing destinations the Philippines boasts of, many remain hidden from and under the radar of both local and international tourists. But with these surf girls by your side in your next beach trip, we're sure that they can point you in the right direction—and give you a crash course in the popular sport, to boot!

Get to know these Filipino surf chicks here:



Ana Mae Alipayo

Ana Mae is body goals! It's clear her beauty and confidence comes from her strength. 




Full of love @kudosurf @a_girardin ??

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Mara Lopez

Mara's making her surfer dad proud! When it comes to his ultimate love for surfing, she's following in his footsteps without missing a step. 





Danika Nemis

There are only a few things in life that are more impressive than a family of surfers! Danika and her surfing champ partner Luke Landrigan have a baby girl who, we're willing to bet, is also going to become a surfer. 



My little family ?? @kwittyb

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Waiting for my heat @official.psct #professionalsurfer

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Lorraine Lapus

As the first Filipino woman to achieve the Academy of Surfing Instructors' level 2 certification, Lorraine's a force to content with!





Noelle Hilario

What we love most about Noelle isn't only the fact that she's a surfing expert, but that she's an advocate for overall mind and body wellness. We agree that holistic healthiness is the way to go!



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Elaine Abonal

For this surfer girl, nothing quite compares to Siargao, her favorite surf spot. But what really gets her heart racing when it comes to the water sport is how it's been able to help her make connections with people from different backgrounds. Their love for the water is universal!





Camille Pilar

She's not just a surfer, but a writer, too! Thirdly, this multi-faceted hottie is also a huge advocate of responsible beach-visiting. She initiated the @bannedfromthebeach Instagram account to encourage all nature and beach lovers to help clean up shorelines and oceans. 



I've been riding @haroldcrisostomo's old HS and it's helped me become more honest with my surfing. On my own board, I am confident. This board feels foreign tucked under my arm, more so beneath my feet. And I love being able to admit this fully-- I am nowhere near what I want my surfing to be but I live for this mysterious unfolding of possibility. I will take it slow, and more importantly, I will be real. Be true, be real. It doesn't mean anything until you face where you fall short and embrace it. I've been practicing this state of self-awareness out of the water and it is what keeps me from being frustrated. I know that progress lies ahead because I've learned to cherish my becoming. #WritingTrue #surf #surfing #spinnakerph #adventureinmysoul #haydenshapes ??: My awesome sister @marcilar

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Photos from @danikanemis @elaineabonal