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Here's What Happened When Pia Wurtzbach Interviewed "Captain Marvel" Star Brie Larson!

Two of the most powerful forces of the universe met face to face for the first time, and it was epic!



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The Philippines' very own Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach flew all the way to Singapore earlier this week where she enjoyed a sit-down interview with Oscar-winning actress Brie Larson, the woman bringing Captain Marvel, one of the graphic novel studios' mightiest characters, to life. 


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Held at the Marina Bay Sands, the event was special for both women as Pia and Brie expressed admiration for what the other does and works towards amidst discussing what Captain Marvel means for the Hollywood beauty. 




Squad goals achieved ?

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Revealing snippets of their off-camera exhchange, Pia revealed that sharing a conversation with Brie was nothing short of amazing—just like meeting a real-life superhero.


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According to the beauty queen, the actress exuded a commanding presence and spoke earnestly about her advocacy of advancing women's rights and gender equality; her passion shared for social responsibility and using her influence for good is shared by Pia who strongly advocates for raising awareness and erasing the sitgma of HIV/AIDS testing and treatment in the country. 



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I did it for you, superstar

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Refocusing attention on what Brie feels about the work she's dedicated to Marvel Studios' first female-led superhero franchise, Pia couldn't help but show her amazement at Brie's insight.


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The social advocate explained that taking the role and meeting the demands it required was more than just achieving a personal goal or ticking off an item on her professional checklist.

For Brie, Captain Marvel symbolizes a step forward for female representation in and beyond the entertainment industry, as well as raising the bar for how female movie characters are portrayed. (Yes, they most certainly go beyond sexy spandex suits and have actual character arcs, dilemmas to resolve, and inspiring messages to share). 


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She's been vocal about these concerns throughout the rise of her career, making her pretty much the only choice for the actress meant to bring the iconic character to the silver screen. 

After all, the movie's early March release coincides with the launching of International Women's Month, making the messages that Brie (and her Marvel alter-ego) as relevant as ever. 


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Ending the interview was a lighthearted anecdote from Brie about training for the role has also helped her become more physically fit.

Pia brought up an Instagram post of her Brie literally pushing a 5,000-pound jeep (with a full tank of gas and a driver seated inside!) up a street as proof of her strengthened physique, prompting Brie to share that all her pre-filming workouts have definitely had their benefits. 

("I was able to do weighted push-ups, pull-ups, things that I never thought I would ever be able to do with my life," Brie said). 


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As it seems, being both physically and mentally capable are qualities that both Brie and her character share, making her an awesome role model for girls and young women all over the world.

Mission accomplished, Brie!


Watch the full interview below and schedule your trip to the cinemas today!  



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