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In Photos: Pia Wurtzbach Visited Saga, Japan For "Pia's Postcards"

Pia just wrapped up shooting for her Metro Channel show. Check out the places she visited and the activities she tried

Saga may not be the first thing that comes to mind when people hear about the word “Japan,” but in the recent years, tourism has started to pick up in this small prefecture in Kyushu as more people discovered Japan’s quiet countryside.

The coastal prefecture of Saga offers an abundance of natural wonders and artistry, that’s why people who’d like a quieter side to Japan are starting to visit the area. It’s famous especially for being the so-called birthplace of ceramics in Japan, and for its hot springs.

Pia’s Postcards has had two seasons so far, bringing beauty queen and host Pia Wurtzbach on a whole lot of adventure all over the country and the Philippines. In its first season, Pia met amazing people and personalities in her trips in and out of the country, such as Lea Salonga in New York and Furne One in Dubai.

On its second season, Pia visited colorful and culture-rich festivals—from the Pahiyas in Quezon and Higalaay in Cagayan de Oro, to the beautiful Jinhae Gunhangje Cherry Blossom Festival in South Korea. Now, Pia and Metro Channel were invited by TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting and the Saga Film Commission for Saga’s Ohitaki Festival or Fire Festival, making it a perfect fit for the show. 


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While Pia already explored Tokyo for season 1, she now heads to the more low-key Saga to find out what the prefecture has to offer. She and the Pia’s Postcards team spent 5 days in Saga, visiting tourist destinations and discovering local finds.

One of her first destinations in Saga is Cat Café Coron, a quaint cat café for fluff lovers! All the cats at this café were rescued and are available for adoption.

Japan has a long and successful history in ceramics making, and Saga is one of the sources of this art. Pia also experienced how to paint her own ceramic.


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Two of Pia’s stops are famous tourist spots: Takezaki Fish Port and The Floating Torii Gate of Ouo Shine, which stands on a shallow area of the ocean in Tara-cho. The tide difference during the low and high-tide is quite significant so it changes appearance every time you visit it.

Pia also tries the tofu at Hirakawaya, a place famous for their Onsen Yudofu (onsen tofu)—a Japanese tofu hot pot boiled with hot spring water. It’s a specialty of the Ureshino Onsen area since the alkaline component of the spring water reacts to the salt in the tofu, making it smoother and more mellow in texture. On the colder side, she also tries their tofu ice cream.

And probably one of the highlights of Pia’s trip to saga is at the Saga International Balloon Fiesta, the largest international hot air balloon competition in Asia. More than 100 aircrafts take off during this festival hailing from all over the world.

Pia experienced a lot of firsts because of Pia’s Postcards, like the first time she saw cherry blossoms, for example. And she experienced another first during her trip to Saga, as she conquered her fear of heights and experienced her very first hot air balloon ride.


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Watch out for Pia’s full Saga trip on Pia’s Postcards, airing soon on Metro Channel, iWant, and Metro.Style’s YouTube channel.