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Piolo Pascual Reveals His Guilty Pleasure And His Diet And Workout Routines


Piolo Pascual is, no doubt, at the top of his game. He is busy with his hit teleserye Since I Found You and weekend sitcom Home Sweetie Home, his weekly stint on ASAP, his responsibilities for his film production firm Spring Films, his numerous endorsements, and his advocacies. All these, he juggles with his dad duties.

No matter how tight his schedule may be, what's admirable about Piolo is that he still finds time to do the other things he loves, such as running, biking, swimming, and training.


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“I workout once a day, everyday. Because you can interchange routines, like bike today, run the next day, swim or do badminton on the side. During break time, I bring my mat and workout, or run or play badminton for an hour on the side if I could. I always prioritize to do training so I do not feel sluggish because you get to sweat out all the toxins in your body,” he shares with Metro.Style.

Even as a young man, he has always been physically active; he considers being an athlete as one of his passions and one of his investments at the same time. “In showbiz, you are your own representative. You are your own product, so for me, I have to present myself at my best. So how do I do that? By having a good, healthy lifestyle and the right state of mind. I take care of my health and present myself the best way possible,” he says.  


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“I am very particular when it comes to my food intake. We only have one body, so we have to be conscious of the food we eat or supplements we take. I am very into sweets; one of my guilty pleasures is I can finish one cake in one seating. But I know how to balance my nutrition generally. I try not to over-binge and stay away from fatty food. Alcohol is okay from time to time, but drink it in moderation."

Piolo is constantly looking for ways to improve his lifestyle. His latest discovery? My Daily Collagen, a supplement drink from Japan. “I take supplements usually, but this time, I do not take whey protein anymore, because My Daily Collagen is a super protein already," Piolo explains. "Whey protein is milk-based, so you might have the tendency to gain weight, plus it feels heavy. What I love about My Daily Collagen is it’s already bottled for you, so you do not have to mix.”

Piolo highlights how My Daily Collagen improves health and especially helps the bones. “It helps repair muscles, tendons and cartilages, especially when we grow older, our bones get brittle. With my workout, it helps reduce injuries. It also helps with our bone density because as we age, our bones get thinner. So for safety purposes, I take this as my supplement when I do my exercises.”


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Collagen has always been considered a beauty or skin enhancer. However, there's a misconception that it only works for women. Piolo wants people to be educated that, more than the physical benefits, collagen has benefits for our health because, in Piolo's words, "It's a super protein."  

He passes on this same health and wellness consciousness to his son, singer/actor Inigo Pascual, saying, “My son is a lot busier than me these days, but when we are together, we workout together. He has different routines but when he is with me, he has no choice but to do my exercises, like run, bike or swim. I take him to restaurants that I know serve healthy food, or seafood because I love seafood. Growing up, he did soccer and taekwondo so he has always been physically active like me.“


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"You have one life to live so make sure you replenish your body well. Love your body, because how can you enjoy the fruits of your labor if you are sick?"


What’s his best health tip and advice for men his age? The Ultimate Heartthrob says, “Health-wise, make sure that you sweat off the toxins in your body by working out or going to the sauna. Also, sleep a lot; sleep 6-8 hours a day. I love that, lately, I have better sleep of 6-8 hours a day as I feel sharper and more energized when I have quality sleep. You have one life to live so make sure you replenish your body well. Love your body, because how can you enjoy the fruits of your labor if you are sick? Take care of your health. Always take care of your muscles, joints and bones, and of course, take care of your mind. Always value the importance of learning and strive to be better.”

Piolo shows no signs of stopping. He will be touring with his ASAP family in Hinewai, New Zealand this June and in Sydney in September. He will also do a concert tour with Inigo in the US in October. He shares, “I am going to produce films too, of course. I also want to record a new album, slating hopefully on Valentine’s next year. But before I do that, we are hoping we could also do a concert with my son locally, before the year ends.”  


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