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Get A Comprehensive Look At Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas' Epic Wedding

From its estimated cost to the cuisine served, the outfits worn, and the dance numbers performed, get the full scoop on the Jonas-Chopra nuptials which lived up to be Hollywood and Bollywood's version of a celebrity royal wedding. 



The third "I do"

As was reported previously, Priyanka and Nick held two ceremonies: a Hindu one to pay tribute to Priyanka's religious heritage and a Christian one to honor Nick's upbringing. But did you know that they were already legally married before flying out to India for the big day(s)? 

Nick had secured a marriage certificate for him and his wife in Los Angeles weeks before their nuptials, which meant they were already technically husband and wife before their blockbuster weekend in India!


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Respecting faiths and cultures

The first ceremony to be carried out was their Christian wedding. Officiated by Nick's father, the wedding saw both the couple's Western guests and Indian friends and family come together. Many male and female guests donned traditional Indian ensembles, while rumors stated that Priyanka stunned in a Ralph Lauren gown. 

At the end of the Christian ceremony was a grand fireworks display that lit up the Jodhpur sky. 


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A crash course on Hindu weddings 

Pay close attention, because Priyanka meant every word when she said she wanted a traditional Hindu wedding to follow her Christian nuptials, complete with pre-wedding activities, outfits, and ceremonies. Here's a quick recap of how the most major events played out, in chronological order: 

  • The mehendia.k.a. the event that kicks it all off, saw Priyanka go through the traditional application of henna on her hands and feet to signify her readiness for a lifetime of commitment to her husband. Balanced out by solemn prayer, Priyanka's mehendi was a fun time for herself, Nick, and the whole entourage. 


  • The sangeeton the other hand, was all about exuberance and high-energy song and dance performances. It's literally the party before the wedding proper and signifies the approval of the bride and groom's families of the upcoming union. Priyanka's was no ordinary sangeet, though; hers was professionally choreographed, filmed, and edited which made it look more like a Bollywood teaser trailer than a wedding!


  • The haldi was more of the symbolic traditions the couple went through a few hours before their wedding. Applying turmeric paste on their skin, the action represented a "washing away" or cleansing of their romantic pasts in order to start anew as husband and wife. 


  • The grand entrance by groom Nick was nothing short of awe-inspiring. He arrived at the wedding venue on a horse (which was as lavishly dressed as its human counterparts) wearing a pagdi (a turban) and carrying a sword, just as many a wealthy Indian groom in centuries past have done before him. 


  • The saptapadi, arguably the most important and sacred of all Hindu wedding rituals, sees the couple walk around a Holy Fire where they dedicate themselves to each other. Each walk around the fire represents seven Hindu wedding vows and legally binds the couple together. 


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The goodie bags

After Priyanka's impressive Amazon wedding registry was revealed a few days before her nuptials, everyone couldn't wait to learn about a similar element in her wedding: the giveaways! As it turned out, the bride met, and possibly exceeded, expectations with what she had ready. 

Once guests settled sown down in their rooms, they were greeted with thoughtfully prepared "kits" to prepare them for the days to come. The goodie bag included a "guide book" for her western guests that introduced them to Hindu wedding rituals, while her Indian circle got their own counterpart that explained how Christian weddings were carried out. 

It, of course, included a hangover survival pack that the couple hilariously called an "Oh Sh--t kit." (Priyanka previously joked that everyone attending her wedding would need a vacation after experiencing what she had in store for them). 


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The cost 

Naturally, a wedding like this requires deep pockets to bring to life—something that this celebrity couple definitely has. A report from Refinery 29 gathered the results of a little detective work and estimated that the whole celebration must have cost at least $550,000. That includes the wedding venue booking, plane tickets, catering, and the setup for the Hindu ceremony, and a helipad constructed in the venue just for their wedding, but the figure excludes expenses for other decorative items, security, the bride and groom's outfits, the goodie bags, and the wedding rings. 


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Speaking of food 

Priyanka specifically wanted a feast composed of Punjabi delicacies, which Nick himself is a fan of (butter chicken, especially!). The groom reportedly agreed with her choice as he wanted his family to sample Indian delicacies. 




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And the wedding rings?

Swiss watchmaker and jeweler Chopard crafted wedding bands just for Nick and Priyanka. On her finger now rests a piece made up of 3.90-carats of ashoka-cut diamonds set in platinum, while his ring, though less ornate, is made of precious yellow gold. 


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The guests

It was right to expect an event like this wedding to bring together famous faces the world will recognize. Among those present were Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas (who are engaged), Kevin and Frankie Jonas, the Jonas' brothers parents, as well as heavyweight Bollywood stars. At different points in the wedding, everyone got up on stage to dance to upbeat Indian hits, complete with traditional outfits and well-practiced dance moves!

It was the first time the Jonas brothers performed together since they went their separate ways after carving names as Disney stars. 



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The first look at the wedding photos 

Mrs. Jonas released the first set of her wedding photos, one of which show her in traditional Indian dress in brilliant red, while the other features her in a classic white wedding gown. Both ensembles are breathraking, with her outfit for her Christian wedding being particularly epic; its train was so long it needed to be carried by four assistants down the aisle with her as she walked towards a teary-eyed Nick. 



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And forever starts now... ?? @nickjonas

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As of this writing, the couple and their guests have checked out of the wedding venue and are headed home. The couple is assumed to be on their way back to the United States or to their honeymoon, the latter of which they have yet to elaborate on. 

Like the millions out there who have followed this relationship from engagement to "I do," we're excited to see photos from their official ceremonies soon!


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