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Meet The Fashionable Red Carpet Hosts For The 2018 ABS-CBN Ball

Master of couture Rajo Laurel and Metro Channel hosts and fashion icons Tim Yap (Tim's Table) and Joey Mead-King (Women of Style) are set to give us the most stylish live updates from the ABS-CBN Ball, straight from where all the action will be—the red carpet. 



As trendsetters themselves, Rajo, Tim, and Joey are going to be on the lookout for the glitzy event's most beautiful and handsome faces, the best-dressed gals and lads, the most attention-grabbing gowns and suits, and the biggest and brightest of smiles.


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Their varying tastes in style and beauty are definitely going to give us a well-rounded fashion report of the ball's noteworthy looks and moments, providing audiences from far and wide tons of style inspiration and advice to keep in mind. Learn more about each host and why they couldn't be more perfect for red carpet reporting here. 



Rajo Laurel



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His name is synonymous with legendary Filipino fashion design. The award-winning couturier that's best loved for his gorgeous ball gowns, custom evening wear for women, and collections for adults and children has been in the industry since the nineties, becoming a pillar of Philippine fashion over the years.

Local and international clients have all proudly worn Rajo's collections in any setting imaginable from catwalks to debuts, beauty pageants to television programs, gala nights to weddings, and yes—red carpet events, too. 


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It then comes to no suprise that Rajo's expertise and discerning eye are invaluable ingredients needed to spice up commentary of an event as fashionable as the ABS-CBN Ball. 

"It's going to be the biggest night in entertainment and fashion. I'm excited to see all these beautiful stars and their amazing, fabulous gowns," he shares. 



Tim Yap



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Tim Yap's electric energy is sure to perk up this hotly anticipated night. The style chameleon and sought-after emcee has the ability to set the tone for any event, making all feel at ease and encouraging everyone enjoy to the festivities from start to finish. His bantering skills are top-notch, too; we can't wait to see Tim exchange razor-sharp dialogue with his fellow hosts and delight all with his talents for description and keen observations.  


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Asked about what he's looking forward to, he says, "I'm really excited to see what the stars are going to wear—if they followed their stylists' orders, if they'll do their own choices, how comfortable they are with their dates knowing that everybody is watching, how they'll behave, if they're conscious, if they've rehearsed their walk, all these things will happen when they walk down that red carpet!"

Similarly, Tim isn't a rookie at spotting awesome style when it shows up, either. His penchant for maximalist prints and patterns, confident hues, one-of-a-kind footwear, and trendy hairstyles have collectively shaped his fashion sense, and it's definitely getting us excited about who he'll notice—and what he'll say about them—at the ball. 


Joey Mead-King



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As the host of a program that shines the spotlight on women who are strong on the inside as much as they are beautiful on the outside, the perky Joey Mead-King is undoubtedly going to be sharing some insightful comments about the goings-on at the red carpet. Couple that with the fact that she's a style maven herself who can never resist a boho-inspired look and engaging subjects with playful conversation, we can't wait to see how she'll top off this trio. 

"The ball looks crazy!" she says enthusiastically. 


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"I want to be part of all that madness. Really, it looks like a lot of fun and I'm really happy that I was asked to be part of the panelists. It's definitely going to be a huge fashion extravaganza," she continues. 

With her experience at runway coaching, hosting Asia's Next Top Model, and international modeling, this Filipino-Iranian beauty is more than qualified to share her thoughts on the night's hottest looks, must-have pieces, and covetable styles. 



The ABS-CBN Ball is scheduled to take place on Saturday, September 29, 2018. Follow @metrodotsyle on Instagram and Facebook for more updates about the starriest night in Philippine television!


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