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Did Reese Witherspoon Help Jennifer Aniston And Angelina Jolie Make Up?

The answer is no. Although, we wish she did. 



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Media outlet Woman's Day recently made huge claims about the Hollywood A-listers' relationship that had the entertainment industry in a tizzy. 

An unnamed source that supposedly tipped the magazine off reported that fellow actress Reese Witherspoon invited both Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie to her birthday with the sole purpose of getting them to bury the hatchet.

Reese, who is known for organizing grand birthday parties and inviting famous friends to them, was said to be a mutual gal pal of the two and wished for them to finally make peace. 



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According to the source's testimony, Jennifer and Angelina did attend the celebration and later in the night, the Friends star did, in fact, approach Angelina. They continue their narrative by saying that "everyone in the room was suddenly aware of what was going on and you could feel the tension," but fortunately, the conversation turned out to be "extremely courteous and civil." 

While they also claim that Brad Pitt—who is an ex-husband to both women and assumed the root of their discord—wasn't brought up in the conversation, Angelina was reportedly overheard sharing sympathies with Jennifer about her recent breakup with longtime beau Justin Theroux. 


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With thousands of eager fans waiting for solid confirmation about this evening's events, what they got instead was a response from Jennifer's official spokesperson who quickly debunked the news. Quotes released by the untraceable Woman's Day source were immediately called out as not only inaccurate, but totally untrue. 

One statement that reads, “Reese was so proud of them for being so mature and poised. She had been secretly worried that having them both there could ruin her evening, but it all went amazingly well,” was said to be complete fiction. 



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In fact, Reese didn't even hold a party this year (or at least, not yet), did not invite the actresses, and Jennifer and Angelina—much to the dismay of many hopeful fans—have definitely not kissed, hugged, and made up. 

With no verified updates on the status of Jennifer and Angelina's relationship, no one truly knows if and when they'll ever move on from the past and heal old wounds, both known and unknown to the public. 

But who knows? With a year that's seen a lot of women team up and feel empowered for a myriad of reasons, these two leading ladies may just find it in themselves to finally see eye to eye. We have our fingers crossed!