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These 12 Celebrities Who Have Opened Up About Faith Will Inspire You This Holy Week

How notable is it that these stars don't let fame and fortune eclipse faith? Incredibly, in our books. 

When it comes to our celebrity idols, we don't often associate them with spirituality so everytime someone does openly talk about their relationship with God, offers a prayer, or shares an insightful lesson on religion, it makes them all the more admirable. 


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Blessed with a killer combo of looks, talent, and influence, these primetime stars fulfill our ambitions of success in almost every way, yet manage to take the time to slow down, quiet their minds, and thank a heavenly being for bringing them to where they are or depend on God to keep them going down the right path. 

They make an important point to reflect on this Holy Week, Christian or otherwise: faith plays a big part in helping us keep our lives in check today and beyond, and besides, nurturing it brings only good things—how can anyone not want something as inspiring as that?


For your spiritual inspiration this holy week, check out 12 Filipino celebrities who have kept the faith strong: 





Heart Evangelista

Heart's faith came to the forefront in 2018 when she was faced with a major lowpoint in her life. The actress-turned-artist lost her twins in vitro and turned to God for direction and new hope. 


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MayMay Entrata

It's always been MayMay's dream to walk the runway, and while she has modeled for many Filipino brands since her rapid rise to fame post-Pinoy Big Brother life, a massive opportunity found its way to her in last year's Arab Fashion Week. The international stint proved to be a moving experience for the young celeb who always credits God for her achievements. 


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Maine Mendoza

Currently on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, Maine Mendoza isn't just on the trip to explore the region's many sights and sounds. She's been vocal about her faith keeping her grounded amidst the fame, so this trip certainly holds much more significant meaning to her as a Christian. 


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Trip to Jerusalem #forrealz

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Catriona Gray

She might hold the crown that represents reign over the universe, but Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray knows that the true ruler of her life is God. Upon winning in the world's most glamorous pageant, she took the time to thank the (spiritual) heavens for the achievement. "Where do I even begin? Lord God, I lift everything up to you - to glorify and honour you," she wrote on Instagram on the day of her victory.


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Marian Rivera

As a Marian devotee, this mommy-of-two's name can't be more perfect for her. The beautiful actress and endorser publishes God-focused appreciation posts from time to time, to show that she often thinks about how much God has played a role in her blessed life. 


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Jinkee Pacquiao

Jinkee's Instagram is as full of Bible verses and insights from her prayer sessions as much as it is her online travel diary. The wife of world-famous boxing champ Manny Pacquiao constantly reminds her fans of her belief that she and her family wouldn't be where they are today without the Lord's help. 


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Miriam Quiambao

The former beauty queen has openly talked about her journey of faith; when she once lived a life focused on worldly wealth and ambition, she now dedicates her time, effort, and influence to speaking about the word of God and how much it's transformed her for the better. 


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Liza Soberano

Though it's easy to get caught up with fame and one's own talents when rising to the top at such a young age, Liza Soberano has leaned on her faith to keep her grounded. She might not regularly post about God and religion, but the fact that she often turns to prayer for guidance and values the quality of being God-fearing is telling about her character. 


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Chesca and Doug Kramer

Team Kramer sure does set the standard for what a family grounded in faith looks like. Trusting God wholeheartedly to help them make the best decisions and guide them in raising lovely children, this couple never fails to take a breather in their ultra-busy lives to nurture their spiritual sides, too. 


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Jodi Sta. Maria

It's not just staying healthy and keeping fit that bring the glow to Jodi's face; the positivity she's learned from maintaining an intimate relationship with God has made her happier overall, a vibe that definitely manifests in all the pretty photos we see of her. Her Twitter is full of spiritual inspiration, so visit it regularly for your daily dose of positive vibes. 


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Andi Manzano-Reyes

For both big and small moments in her life, Andi Manzano-Reyes lifts up a little prayer of thanks. This practice of never forgetting her faith has become even more apparent as of late with the birth of her second daughter Amelia whose arrival she considers a miracle. 


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Maricar Reyes-Poon

Just when she thought her life had spun out of control and been damaged beyond repair, a young Maricar Reyes turned to the Christian church for comfort, support, and courage to start over. It was her newfound trust in religion that gave her the strength to rise above her circumstances, a situation that led her to her now-husband Richard Poon, too. 


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Toni and Alex Gonzaga

Here's a pair of sisters that definitely bonds over other things aside from fashion, pop culture, and travel. Both incredibly famous in their own ways, Toni and Alex have never hesitated to talk about their religious upbringing in their youth and how it continues to influence their adult lives. It's what made them role models to heaps of young women in the country; they've shown that influence can come with humility at the same time. 


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