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Check Out Richard Gomez's Newest Abstract Art Exhibit

The one-man show titled When Evening Comes is Richard's latest addition to his growing portfolio of artistic achievements. 



Housed at the Pinto Art Museum, the night sky-inspired When Evening Comes is truly a sight to behold.

Evoking emotions of wonder, calmness, and nostalgia, each piece was representative of all the kinds of skies Richard has seen and been inspired by. From the velvety black, still and starry vista he sees when in Ormoc, to Manila's often illuminated and movement-filled cloud canopies, all were given life with each deliberate stroke of texture and color. 


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Boldness and subtlety are presented side by side in this exhibit for a reason; just as tonight's sky can be different from tomorrow's, next week's, and next year's, so can life's moments be, as they are, almost always, unpredictable and unrepeatable. Yet no matter the hue, the brightness, or the patterns that appear after sun down, beauty will always be present, just as it is in life.

When Evening Comes is the much-awaited follow-up to Richard's first solo exhibit staged in the same venue in December last year called Surface. 


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Finding time to polish his artistic skills despite the business surrounding him, this actor and model-turned-public servant often turns to painting as a means of contemplation and relaxation. His work is typically accomplished in the earliest hours of the day when the sun has yet to usher in the morning light as he prefers to be in the company of only his thoughts and emotions when in front of a canvas. 



Images from When Evening Comes' opening 


When Evening Comes opened last Sunday to an excited audience including Richard's wife and fellow politician, Rep. Lucy Torres-Gomez and their daughter, Juliana. Pinto Art Museum's owner, Dr. Joven Cunanang, was also present. The exhibit will run until October 12. 


Photos from @richardgomezinstagram