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In Her New Book, Rose McGowan Finally Details The Alleged Sexual Assault By Harvey Weinstein

After 20 years of being silenced, actress Rose McGowan finally details the alleged sexual assault she suffered in 1997 at the Sundance Film Festival under the hands of Harvey Weinstein in her deeply personal book, “Brave,” which will be available for purchase tomorrow, January 31.



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The Charmed actress previously accused the former movie mogul of rape in her tweet published last October 12, but did not go into further details about it.

On January 29, The New York Times published a review of Rose’s memoir, and included some quotes from the books. Here, she recalls Harvey inviting her for a morning meeting at a hotel suite in Park City, Utah to talk about her blossoming career.

She was told to go up to Harvey’s room as he was stuck on a call. “I was certain we would be working together for many years to come, and we were here to plot out the grand arc of my career,” she writes.

When Rose arrives, she says that Harvey pulled her into a room with a jacuzzi and took off her clothes, where she froze “like a statue.” She goes on to say that he allegedly proceeded to sit her on the side of the jacuzzi, where he forcibly performed oral sex on her while he masturbated.

“He moans loudly,” she writes. “Through my tears I see his semen floating on top of the bubbles.”

Afterwards, Rose writes that she told some people about the alleged incident, but they “counseled me to see it as something that would help my career in the long run.” She even says that she met with a criminal lawyer who told her that no one would believe her in court if she decides to press charges against Harvey.

Rose is one of the many women who accused Harvey of sexual harassment, others who did are some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Angeline Jolie, and Cara Delevingne.


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