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Look! Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo Opens Angrydobo, Her Lovers Quarrel-Inspired Restaurant!

Sometimes, fights happen for a reason.

In the case of husband and wife super duo Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo, without a particularly bad argument from years ago that sent them into the night without uttering a word to each other, their most delicious, most anticipated, and most beloved venture to date wouldn't have come into fruition. 

We're talking about Angrydobo, Judy Ann's newest restaurant that she couldn't be prouder of!


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A little backstory of the curiously named establishment, as told by Ryan: 

Years before they even got engaged, he and Judy Ann had went on a trip and while on it, had a massive argument about something incredibly petty.

Too annoyed and tired to make amends in the same night, Ryan went off to bed, not knowing that his then girlfriend chose to pour her feelings, rather literally, in the kitchen where she cooked up an entire batch of adobo up to the wee hours of the morning without being entirely sure of who it was for. 


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In the morning, when Ryan rose from bed, he found Judy Ann still toiling away with pots and pans but ready with a serving just for him. 

Still not saying a single thing, Judy Ann let her bowl of "angry adobo"—a slowcooked masterpeice of saucy, savory goodness—speak for itself. 

It's safe to say that it was tasty enough to have them make up over their holiday!

Ryan even posted a little poem he wrote about the memory last month to tease at the restaurant's upcoming opening. 



i sat alone in the kitchen with only the ticking clock a soundtrack to the mid day sun filtering thru the curtains. each bite into this magic, bringing perspective. if only i didn’t throw my gaze out the freeway. if only i met her eyes as i felt her head swivel my direction. if only i let my arm brush hers as she leaned in. if only i didn’t put our friends in an awkward spot as they try to laugh thru the tension. love will always find a way though. after the last mouthful, i am spellbound. i get up and fix another bowl of passion, an offering to the woman who labored all thru the night. i meander thru the dimly lit corridor, words all a mess, but thoughts very clear. i gently rap on the door. knock,knock,knock. i patiently wait. I hear a rustle of the blankets. and then she opens the door, with a sniffle, and a smile. #angrydobo #madewithlove

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Today, as the couple celebrates 10 years of wedded bliss, they bring us the restaurant that isn't just living proof of that special moment, but evidence of Judy Ann's mad cooking skills, too. 

Spending months perfecting the recipes that are sure to be a hit with her clientele, she now invites everyone to drop by when Angrydobo when it officially opens its doors in May. 

Making the big announcement on Instagram earlier this week, actress-turned-chef Judy Ann wrote, "So so much to be grateful for.. to everyone who came last night to experience our humble 'angrydobo' maraming maraming salamat talaga." 


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She went on to thank her staff and mentors from the food and beverage industry, and her husband, who she says was the most important ingredient of them all.

"Ryan.. my husband.. if it weren’t for you.. none of this would have happened.. thank you for holding my hand and assuring me, that everything will be ok," she added. 



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As its menu reveals, the restaurant will be serving up bowls of the Filipino all-time favorite in four flavorful varities: classic, chicken, sardines, and shortribs. 

Fun twists to other recognizable Pinoy classics will also be available, including Dark and White Champsicles—yummy takes on champorado—and special summer-perfect coolers like their Tamarind Iced Tea and Guyabano and Green Mango Shakes


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Inviting a select groups of friends and family to experience Angrydobo's first day in business, Judy Ann was all smiles all throughout the evening. There to enjoy it were their showbiz friends Pauleen Luna and Pia Guanio, Ryan's brother Ronaldo Agoncillo, fashion designer Rajo Laurel, as well as Chef Gino Gonzales and Joey Reyes. 


Check out a sneak peak of some of Angrydobo's dishes posted by Pauleen below!



So so much to be grateful for.. to everyone who came last night to experience our humble “angrydobo “ maraming maraming salamat talaga.. ?? to our staff na kahit pagod at puyat ng ilang araw masaya pa ring nagsilbi at mtyagang nakinig.. to chef sonny.. thank you sa patience para matuto at matulungan kaming maisakatuparan ang aming munting pangarap.. maraming salamat .. to kuya dondee and ate maloo... your faith,trust, time and effort put into this project.. i will forever be grateful.. most importantly.. ryan.. my husband.. if it weren’t for you.. none of this would have happened.. thank you for holding my hand and assuring me, that everything will be ok.. ???? angrydobo will be served this coming may. #madewithlove #malapitkangmakatikim

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Ryan was likewise just as happy about his wife's achievements and dedicated a second Instagram post to her restaurant. 

He said, "Sweet, sour,spicy, bitter, hot, sizzling. Just a few words used to describe two of the best reasons to be alive. Food and Love.It’s a pleasure to introduce you to the work of one of the most articulate human beings in the language of food and love. Welcome to Chef Judy Anne’s Angrydobo, Made with Love."


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The restaurant's initial success isn't the only thing the couple is thankful for this year; Ryan also celebrated his 40th on April 10, making both events extra memorable. 





Judy Ann and Ryan have enjoyed popularity from food businesses in the past, but something tells us that Angrydobo will be the most special one of all. 

See more photos of the edible surprises it holds in the gallery below!




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