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From One Mom To Another: Saab Magalona Donates Breast Milk To Taal-Affected Moms

Because not all heroes wear capes—they can be moms just looking out for other moms, too

It's the sixth consecutive that day that Taal Volcano has been spewing ash and hazardous gases into the air. At least 40,500 residents from surrounding towns have been evacuated and the number will likely rise should the volcano erupt and bring forth deadly lava fountains and streams—a possibility that volcanologists, relief groups, and rescue organizations remain prepared for and are safeguarding affected citizens against.

(To learn how to protect you and your families during a volcanic eruption, read these guidelines). 

Without a doubt, it's a tense, and very scary time for everyone affected, but there are groups of people that are especially vulnerable during a time like this—nursing mothers and their infants being some of them.


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A shortage of nutritious meals for both mother and child, persistent exposure to the eruption's noxious gases, and having no access to clean living conditions have put these individuals at high risk of developing health-related issues, and for babies in particular, they could suffer from chronic malnutrition and other long-term effects from being in such harsh environments.

Because of this, the Batangas local government has issued a plea to the public: for mothers who can spare it, a donation of breast milk and/or breast milk pouches will be of great help.


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The announcement has reached thousands of mothers since it was posted earlier this week and one mom in particular helped spread the word: Saab Magalona!

The rock star and mommy of two acted swiftly. 

Not only did she announce that she was going to be making a donation herself, but asked her millions of social media follower mommies to do the same and to encourage other moms they know to make donations as well, if capable. 

Saab is known to be a breastfeeding advocate which made this cause extra meaningful to her. 

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Before National Breastfeeding Awareness Month officially ends, here’s a photo from November 2018 of me breastfeeding Pancho on a plane 🥰 My breastfeeding journey was not very smooth. As some of you may remember, Pancho was in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for almost 60 days. He had a nasogastric tube inserted through his nose so he could receive my breastmilk directly into his stomach. When the time was right and the doctors allowed it, we would practice latching strictly every 2 hours. He wouldn’t latch on at first but we kept trying and, slowly, he got the hang of it. We started lessening the milk that would go into his nasogastric tube until one day, 2 weeks after constant trial, the doctors said we could completely remove his feeding tube. I’m getting emotional as I write this because I remember that day. It was the best day ever. From the moment he was born - fighting to survive - each day he’s been alive is the best day ever. #DailyPancho . I had to stop breastfeeding when I found out I was pregnant again. I miss it so much, I’m looking forward to breastfeeding the new baby!!😍 #NationalBreastfeedingAwarenessMonth

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Gathering more donations from other generous mommies, she updated her fans and told them that she had gotten everything in order, milk and safe transportation included. 

Saab made the announcement two days ago, and hopefully, her donations have made it safely to moms and babies.

For those intending on helping mothers and babies displaced by the eruption, note that the Department of Science and Technology has announced that donating infant formula, breast milk substitutes, feeding bottles, artificial nipples and teats during times of emergency is prohibited. Learn more from the DOST CALABARZON Facebook page.

Photos from @saabmagalona