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Saab Magalona Had The Happiest Easter Ever Because Of This Bundle Of Joy

The first-time mom finally got to bring home her baby boy!



The wonderful news comes after two challenging months for Saab and her husband, Jim Bacarro. As the young parents were anticipating the birth of twins, Saab announced last month that they lost their baby girl due to complications.

Saab wrote about the painful experience in a post on her blog, ultimately saying that she and Jim will continue focusing on their blessings, rather than their losses—one of which is their son's precious life. She's also found another avenue of healing by helping others, specifically by donating her breastmilk to other mothers and babies in need via the Human Milk Bank. 



Pancho Gerardo: coming home soon ??????

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The 29-year-old shared her happiness on Instagram by posting a close-up photo of her baby over the weekend. The caption read, "Pancho Gerardo: coming home soon." The two-piece name is a combination of Saab's grandpa's name, renowned actor Pancho Magalona, and Jim's granddad, Rey Gerardo. (Saab and Jim's daughter, on the other hand, was named Luna Isabel, and was buried next to her grandfather, Saab's father, the Filipino music icon Francis Magalona).


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Oh, my love, we’ll keep on dreaming ????

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This was followed by an Instagram photo of Pancho showing off his bright smile. The post wasn't just the first time the bouncing baby boy said "hello" to the world, but also fantastic proof that he had made it through his struggles to survive. Before being allowed to go home, Pancho was in the infant intensive care unit for weeks where he was nursed back to health after Saab's difficult birth experience.



Happy Easter from the cutest burrito ??

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We couldn't be happier for Saab and Jim who waited anxiously for this moment to come. Now that it's here, we wish them nothing but the best! With this extremely special gift, we're sure that they'll be the most loving, caring, and nurturing parents that Pancho could ever ask for. We can't wait to see him grow up!

For this family, Easter really is a time for fresh beginnings and a new lease on life.


Photo from @saabmagalona