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Saab Magalona, Nicole Hernandez, And Bianca Reinoso Talk About The Joys Of Motherhood

Mothers have always been the light of our lives. They are the women we look up to and the ones who mold us to become the best we could possibly be. At times, however, we tend to overlook the love and care they shower us with.

As the International Women’s Month was coming to an end, Tang threw a big celebration for the women who have dedicated their lives to being great moms. Last March 27, the brand launched a new campaign at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center which came with the hashtag #RealMomsGetItDone. The event was hosted by actress Dimples Romana, who's also a mother of two.


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A gallery was unveiled, featuring an "expectations vs. reality" photo series by photographer Sara Black. The subjects are real mothers like Divine Lee-GoBettina CarlosTart CarlosSaab Magalona-BacarroDelamar AriasRosebud BenitezJanice VillanuevaNina RayosColleen MateoKris LumaguiAnne ClutzIsha BorromeoVia AustriaBianca Santiago-Reinoso, and Nicole Hernandez-de Los Angeles.


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Asked about the greatest fulfillment in being a mom, Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles shares how she loves to see her children happy and thriving. This mother of two boys emphasizes the tip that her mom used to tell her, “You should always be yourself, you know, in the sense that, [you] don’t change yourself. Be true and be your natural self and from there, that’s how it stems out to how you parent. I’m not going to pretend that I’m a perfect mom and I’m very organized and I’m always on the dot, but I try to do the best that I can. I just try to do the best for my kids.” 

As an on-the-go mom and fitness junkie, she stresses the fact that you shouldn't let pressure affect you. You should always listen to your body and try your best to take things one day at a time. 


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Host, model, fitness junkie Nicole Hernandez-de los Angeles


For Bianca Santiago-Reinoso, it’s all about seeing your kids grow. How your kids interact with the people around them is reflective of how you brought them up. “It’s like giving back what you’ve been planting for like the past few years. As a mom, you’re finally seeing how they are in the world,” Bianca says.

Since her mom was a flight attendant, who would always be away for work, Bianca also talked about how she values the time with her kids. She says, “Even if she was flying or she would have long flights out, she would make it up. She would be there for a birthday, celebrate the occasions talaga. So, that’s one of the things I value from her and what I continue to do with my kids.”


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Fashion stylist and writer Bianca Santiago-Reinoso


As a first-time mom, Saab Magalona-Bacarro talks about how just seeing her baby smile gives her the biggest fulfillment. Seeing the happiness her baby brings to her proves how genuine a mother’s love is for her child. She constantly learns from other moms, and is not afraid to ask for tips. When asked about the greatest lesson she learned from her mother Pia about parenthood, she gushes, “She always tells me, just listen to your doctor, or your mom, or yourself, and don’t just listen to anybody else na.”

Saab also shared how you can never really prepare for or plan motherhood. Ask others for tips, but make sure to listen and trust yourself first. Do yourself a favor and never compare yourself to other mothers. 


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Actress, musician, and entrepreneur Saab Magalona-Bacarro


See photos from the exhibit below:



Photographs by Sara Black