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Sarah Lahbati And Richard Gutierrez Announce Their March 2020 Wedding—Here's A Look Back At Their Love Story

The couple, who got engaged back in 2017, will soon be walking down the aisle

Raise your glasses for this modern couple who will soon say their "I dos."

That's right, Sarah Lahbati and her longtime beau Richard Gutierrez have finally announced that they're getting married next year via a production number and guesting on ASAP earlier. And we at Metro.Style are going to be there with them every step of the way until it's time to see this bride walk down the aisle.

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With seven colorful years of life, love, and laughter behind them, Sarah and Richard are sure to share a most beautiful springtime ceremony with their friends, family, and followers. After all, even before becoming husband and wife, they made a lifelong promise to themselves that can never be undone: they're in this together, until the end. 

And as we look forward to Sarah and Richard's wedding, we celebrate all the best moments of their relationship beginning from the day they met. See how this love story unfolded, chapter by chapter, in our recollection below. 

First sight 

Sarah, who will soon celebrate her 26th birthday this month, was a teenager when she and Richard first met. Together on set as co-stars, they had felt an attraction to each other but professional commitments and the shyness of youth delayed their initial hi and hellos—but not for long. 

In an Magandang Buhay interview the couple went on in 2018, they joked about who had a crush on who first, about who liked who more in their first brushes with romance. Neither of them can quite remember how their status changed from co-workers, to friends, to lovers, only recalling that they were sure that they wanted to be together. 

"S'yempre, alam mo na kung kailan 'yung next shoot niyo so p'wede kang magdala ng suprise or kung ano man 'yung hilig niya na pagkain or anything na magpapasaya sa kanya—mga simple gestures na ganu'n. S'yempre, ginalingan ko 'yung panliligaw sa kanya!" Richard jokes about some of the things he did to earn Sarah's "yes." 

Sooner than later...

They became an official couple, and one of showbiz's most influential ones, at that. Their careers flourished together while their relationship deepened, but just as they had settled in into happy couplehood, a surprise came in the form of their firstborn.

Zion Gutierrez was born in 2013 and although the handsome young lad is one of Sarah's biggest sources of inspiration and happiness these days, the young mom admits that it had been a different situation for she and Richard when he came into their lives. 

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Lahbati Shares How Motherhood Has Transformed Her Life

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Lahbati Shares How Motherhood Has Transformed Her Life

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Lahbati Shares How Motherhood Has Transformed Her Life

She was 20 when first-time motherhood rolled around and had a million and one questions and concerns about the changes a child would bring. She was confused, doubtful of her capabilities of raising a human being, but in the end, the once frightening time in her life turned out to be one of the most positively powerful turning points for she and Richard.

As they embraced parenthood together, they became sure that they wanted to become a family. Although the milestone came a little earlier than planned, Richard described it as the time he realized he and Sarah's bond had become unbreakable, one made to last for life.

Mom and dad duties

Sarah was out to prove a point when she first became a mom; she took a step back from show business to concentrate on caring for Zion and being hands-on. She knew that all eyes were on her, being a young mom, and she was intent on showing that she was capable of doing great. 

As Zion grew over the years, Sarah juggled new projects at work with family, while Richard was similarly busy but still a family man above all else at the end of the day. 

Hence began the couple's legendary family trips to beautiful destinations here and abroad; when Zion was old enough to travel, Sarah and Richard brought him everywhere with them to bond as a family. With their trips to Cebu to Switzerland, from Davao to France and everywhere inbetween this hip pair of parents made it clear that having a son was an awesome addition to life as they knew it, and certainly not a setback. 

Will you marry me? 

Four years after welcoming their first child, Richard and Sarah were engaged. 

The entertainment scion got on one knee to propose to Sarah on a snowy peak in Zermatt, Switzerland, and of course, a "yes" was the only answer that was given. 

The planning that went behind the proposal as well as the big moment itself became the focus of an episode of the Gutierrez's TV show, It Takes Gutz to be A Gutierrez. 

Bundle of joy no. 2

Less than a year after their engagement, Zion became an older brother to Kai, Sarah and Richard's second son. Richard made the announcement on Instagram, writing, "We would like to thank the Man from above for another blessing. Our little family is growing and Zion is about to be a kuya!!! Thank you to my love @sarahlahbati for staying strong and patient despite my hectic schedule , she's able to take care of me, Zion and our little one on the way, she's truly a super mom."

Kai turned one this March and celebrated the milestone in an ocean-themed birthday party (Sarah and Richard are both environmental advocates and focus on spreading awareness of caring for oceans and marine life) that couldn't have been sweeter. 

As they became a family of four, talks of marriage began to swirl around them. There was speculation that their families—and their fans—had wondered out loud about when they would tie the knot, but keeping true to what they were as a couple, Richard and Sarah kept it cool, refusing to rush into a wedding simply because it was expected of them. 

They were simply waiting for when they both felt that they were in a place in their careers and personal lives where they could concentrate on becoming Mr. and Mrs.

Wedding bells 

As Sarah and Richard promised, it was only a matter of time until wedding bells would ring for them. 

After celebrating seven anniversaries together and having two loving children to complete the picture, they announced that a 2020 wedding is definitely happening. 

The Gutierrez-Lahbati nuptials are scheduled to take place in March, its location being the next big announcement to anticipate. (Sarah once mentioned that she preferred to wed intimately in a temperate country atop a mountain as an ode to Richard's proposal, or perhaps on a beach, a go-to holiday destination for her and her family. However, both Sarah and Richard's mothers prefer that they get married in the Philippines and have a wedding as traditional as possible, complete with a guest list of hundreds). 

Sarah and Richard have yet to share more details about their wedding in the upcoming months, but the wait will surely be worth it. 

They waited for their time with much patience and love, and so will we. 

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