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In Photos: Scarlett Kramer's 7th Birthday Bash Is The Winter Fairy Tale Of Our Dreams!


This is just a teaser video of #Scarlett7thWonderland birthday party! Moments of the promise ring are shown too! And it already got me teary eyes! . Let me explain why it's important to invest in a great video team for your events, especially for your kids. They make your moments timeless. You can revisit them with your loved ones over and over again. That's why for every Team Kramer Trip, every special occasion, we trust and love them like family....The one and only @TreeHouseStory! . Their goal is to always make me cry! ???? Can't wait for the full video and show you also to show you guys the Scarlett growing years video too! ?? . #Scarlett7thWonderland #TeenaBarrettoEvents @TeenaBarretto #StyledbyJo @JoClaravall #GownsByBumbleBeePh by @Mimiiflazxbee

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Fairy princesses are not figments of the imagination! Just see birthday girl Scarlett Kramer prove the point with her very own winter wonderland-themed birthday party that was, in fact, filled with real-life magic and the prettiest outfits, sweetest performances, and loveliest décor you ever did see. 


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And it has begun! My beautiful Doll!! #Scarlett7thWonderland! ????

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It always feels like a miracle in action when parents witness their children grow from babies, to toddlers, to adorable little humans with the warmest smiles and jolliest laughter.

Every birthday will be special to a mom and dad no matter how many they celebrate over the years, but when the kids are still kids and their birthday parties are full of childhood joy, there's simply something extra memorable about those events. 


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Chesca Garcia and Doug Kramer knew this to be true when they were side by side with their daughter Scarlett on her 7th birthday.

When this pretty little girl made her grand entrance at The Blue Leaf events space, she was dressed head to toe in Bumble and Co.'s rendition of Little Red Riding Hood, only with a little more drama—the outfit was fashioned with fairy lights to make Scarlett's delicate tulle skirt glow from the inside out!



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Wowing her guests within the first five minutes of her birthday program, another awe-inspiring surprise came in the form of a beautiful tablescape by expert event stylist, Jo Claravall.

Keeping in theme, the décor's most eye-catching elements included tall white candles, fresh and fragrant blooms, and Tiffany chairs outfitted with fluffy white pillow backrests to match. The whole venue was ultimately dressed up in icy whites and chilly blues, but that's not to say that the party was without warmth.

Celebrating in signature Kramer style, Scarlett was surrounded by friends and family who showered her in well-wishes, hugs, and kisses. 


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Highlights included an onstage tribute from Scarlett's older sister Kendra that came in the form of an expertly rehearsed song number, while little brother Gavin bashfully handed his ate a beautiful bouquet of flowers and dad Doug took the opportunity to give his second little girl a promise ring in front of an adoring audience.

The gesture was reminiscent of Kendra's own 7th birthday two years ago. According to Doug himself, the ring is meant to remind a young Scarlett to keep her faith in love God, be a good daughter, and spread love to those who deserve it. 



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Today, we celebrated Scarlett's 7th birthday party! She was looking forward to her grand celebration, but more than anything, Scarlett remembered something I did for Kendra when she turned 7. And today, I did the same for my baby Scarlett. . I gave a promise ring.... What is a promise ring? This is what I told her... . "Scarlett, this is an outward symbol of a promise between people, just like papa and mama's wedding ring to symbolize our love and marriage. . For this, it's a promise between you and me Scarlett. . I want you to remember how I treat you, the time I give you, how I respect you as a girl, how I encourage to build your relationship with God, and how much I unconditionally love you. . Pls remember to stay obedient, to love God, and to never easily give away your love to just anyone. . You deserve nothing but the best. Happy birthday Scarlett! Papa loves you so much!" . Some people may think, that it's too early for me to give something like this to a daughter. But why? I gave one to Kendra 2 years ago, and she remembers exactly what it means and how she should value herself and the love she cannot just easily give to anyone. As a father to my daughters, I want to set the standard and benchmark of how a man should treat a lady. They see this evidently on how I treat my wife, my mom, my sisters and most especially how I treat my 2 baby girls. And through seeing this, hopefully and prayerfully, they won't settle for anything less. . I hope you enjoyed your special day my baby girl! I love you Scarlett! ???? #Scarlett7thWonderland

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Of course, a birthday party as grand as this would never be without an impressive birthday cake. Enter Bethany Dream Cakes, the confectionary-maker behind the (literal) glowing and snowflake-covered tower of sugary goodness at this occasion!


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Bringing happiness to all the little ones who couldn't wait to see what else the day had for them, the Teena Barretto-organized event continued with kid-appropriate activities including face painting, play dough sculpting, gingerbread, cupcake and soap making, and just good old-fashioned running around in a roomy event space. 

A surprise and highly personalized production by Clowning Around Manila also brought cheer to everyone watching. The talented band of merry performers brought to life a story that Kendra had written herself, a music-filled tale that she penned just for her little sister. 



Two of the most important things that people look forward to when attending a party... Well, at least that's what I think. Entertainment and good food! : Happy to be working with @clowningaroundmnl again.They performed for Kendras 7th and did such a good job. That's why I didn't think twice in booking them again. . Scarlett's party was made extra special, because they brought Kendras story to life. They actually made a musical out of the book that she wrote for Scarlett. Such a talented bunch!?? They personalized the program for Scarlett's special day! ??Thank you for being so game and as excited as we are. You guys did a wonderful job! ?? . If there is one thing you should never short change in a party is the food. I am still getting texts about how they enjoyed the food of @bizucateringstudio so much and how delicious everything was. Last night everybody forgot their diet and decided to indulge. You guys are so with it! ?? Thank you for being a part of this! From beginnig to end you guys were always present! ?? : Yesterday has already gone by, and tomorrow will be another day. Never forget to thank the people who help you make things happen. A million thank yous to all of you. With much gratitude from me and my family. ?? . #Scarlett7thWonderland #TeenaBarrettoEvents

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Chesca and I got married at this same place we held Scarlett's celebration! So we knew that there would be ample space for the guests and it was probably the kids favorite area too! The activities zone! Despite the elegance, we still wanted the kiddie party feel, so we made sure all the kids had lots to do! And we're sure you guys will enjoy having them too for your kids birthday parties! . The kids absolutely loved to paint, @SipAndGogh painting was a hit!! . @TheNestPlayAndPartyPad was like their little kiddie town which they all enjoyed running around! . @theparty_project made sure all the kids had their cupcake making fix fulfilled! . @RamiReginaReine hosted the necklace making area, now all the kids had personalized items for them to bring home! . @ColorPlayHappy was another arts area where the kids could make their play dough and more! . @AshnaStarDesigns, so many kids had their face painted here! . @TheLollicakeFactory by LJ Moreno Alapag, so many of the kids enjoyed and loved making their own gingerbread! . @SouvenirBuffet.Eunoia was a soap carving station that everyone loved as well! . We made sure all these activities would keep the kids busy and happy! Highly recommended! ???? #Scarlett7thWonderland #TeenaBarrettoEvents

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Lest we forget the giveaways, those were show-stoppers, too! Guests came home with heaping mounds of goodies ranging from children's fragrances to toys, and even hygiene products and items from the setup. And when the tiny tots (and grown ups!) were in the mood for a snack, Bizu's delicious catering came to the rescue with big and small bites alike to appeal to every appetite. 

NicePrint Photo was there from start to finish, ensuring thorough event coverage for this family who'll surely look back on this day with fondness. 

Look through the gallery below to see highlights from the event that the Kramers organized so perfectly! 

Happy birthday to you, Scarlett!




Photos courtesy of NicePrint