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Heartfelt Tributes For Sean Connery Continue To Pour In After He Passes Away

The Oscar-winning actor's legacy, influence, and memories are honored by his fellow actors and actresses

Sir Sean Connery has died, and he will be missed. Just ask these celebrities and society personalities who shared their tributes for the award-winning actor.  

There is, of course, a consensus that needs no explaining: he was the coolest, the most OG, and the most suave of all the 007s that ever lived, being the very first actor to play James Bond. 

But he was also a true Scotsman, a powerful presence on set, a magnificent actor, and just an overall standup guy to meet or encounter, even just once in your life. With someone like Sean Connery, you only needed to meet him once for him to make a lasting impression on you. So imagine what it might have been like for his costars, directors, producers, and crewmates as they worked day in and day out with the screen legend, earning the rare opportunity to get to know him more and more as an artist and a human being.

No matter how people knew him, he was liked, admired, idolized, and loved, making him truly deserving of tributes from celebrities, society personalities, and friends from the industry. 

Sean Connery died at the full age of 90 years old surrounded by close family. He was in his Bahamas home when he passed and will also be cremated there. His wife, painter Micheline Roquebrune, revealed that he had been suffering from the consequences of his dementia months before he passed away, but in the end, peacefully passed away in his sleep. 

With news of his death making headlines late last week, we scoured the Internet for the best tributes for Sean Connery and gathered them below. See what some of the biggest names in Hollywood and beyond had to say about the legend. 

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10 of Sean Connery’s Most Iconic and Memorable Roles, From James Bond To William Forrester

Let's begin with two James Bond predecessors who, without Sean Connery's groundbreaking work, would never have been honored with carrying on 007 history

Pierce Brosnan

Daniel Craig

Even the family-run Twitter account of Roger Moore, who passed away three years ago and was the fourth actor to play James Bond, posted something special 

And then we have Harrison Ford who, despite never being an 007 man, shared the Indiana Jones legacy with Mr. Connery.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Harrison said, "He was my father…not in life…but in Indy 3. You don’t know pleasure until someone pays you to take Sean Connery for a ride in the sidecar of a Russian motorcycle bouncing along a bumpy, twisty mountain trail and getting to watch him squirm. God we had fun – if he’s in heaven, I hope they have golf courses. Rest in peace dear friend.”

Fellow Hollywood icons Alec Baldwin, Nicolas Cage, and Robert de Niro took time to share their own statements.

Alec Baldwin posted a video tribute with all his best memories of the Scotsman who he met onset at 31 years old.

In a statement released to Deadline, Robert de Niro said, "I’m very sorry to hear about Sean’s passing.  He seemed much younger than 90; I expected–and hope–he’d be with us much longer. See you up there, Sean."

Meanwhile, Nicolas Cage was not short of words and called the late actor a "maestro." He said, "I admired Sean so much.  I was happiest when I was working with him–his wisdom, humbleness, and extreme honesty has guided me ever since I met him. He was my friend and greatest teacher in cinema. The first movie star to lead the way in combining drama, action adventure, and comedy . He did it all effortlessly and with dignity. Maestro, you will be missed," as reported by Deadline. 

Hugh Jackman, a living screen legend himself albeit for a different generation, took to Twitter to express his thoughts

Author Stephen King also sang his praises for the knighted actor.

There was also George Lucas, creator of Star Wars and Indiana Jones, who directed Sean Connery in one of his films.

On Deadline, he said, "Sir Sean Connery, through his talent and drive, left an indelible mark in cinematic history. His audiences spanned generations, each with favorite roles he played. He will always hold a special place in my heart as Indy’s dad. With an air of intelligent authority and sly sense of comedic mischief, only someone like Sean Connery could render Indiana Jones immediately into boyish regret or relief through a stern fatherly chiding or rejoiceful hug. I’m thankful for having had the good fortune to have known and worked with him. My thoughts are with his family."

Sean Connery's fellow knight, Elton John, dug up a vintage group photo to honor his memory.

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A true screen legend 🙏🏻 #SeanConnery #RIP

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British actor and comedian John Cleese of the Monty Python group's inside joke about finding the Holy Grail was surely appreciated by their fans.

Arnold Schwarzenegger revealed a pretty interesting fact about Sean Connery in his tribute. How many knew that he was a bodybuilder, just like the Terminator himself? 

Alan Tudyk, who you'll remember from A Knight's Tale, went down the comedic route for his tribute.

The same goes for Saturday Night Live alum Darrel Hammond who often parodied the Scotsman on the comedy show.

Even organizations paid their respects to the actor with 94 acting credits in his resume.

The Academy Awards, UK Ministry of Defence, MGM Studios, and even the British Embassy in D.C. had these things to say:

Other actors like John Cusack, Josh Gad, and Antonio Banderas who'd only met, but not necessarily worked with, Sean Connery were nonetheless still moved by his passing.

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