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Separated At Birth? This Filipina Looks So Much Like "Royals" Singer Lorde!

Kali Huff is a University of the Philippines student, events host, activist, and soccer coach—and she might as well be pop singer Lorde's very own doppelgänger. Take one look at her and you'll definitely see the uncanny resemblance! In an exclusive interview with Metro.Style, the 22-year-old beauty shares us anecdotes on what it's like being a look-alike of a Grammy Award-winning artist. Keep scrolling for more!


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Lorde (left) and Kali Huff (right). Photos from @lordemusic and @kalihuff


Countless of strangers have done double takes on Kali in public, mistaking the student-athlete for 21-year-old New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde. The pop icon has been named as one of Time magazine's Most Influential Teenagers in 2013 and was part of Forbe's 30 Under 30 roster the following year. 

"It started in late 2013 when her song started to become really popular," shared Kali. "I was at a friend's house with a bunch of people. My friend just put on Lorde's music video (it had been released a few months prior) and everyone just freaked out, including myself. I absolutely loved that song so it was pretty flattering."


Lorde (left) and Kali (right). Photos from @lordemusic and @kalihuff


An unforgettable experience Kali has had was when she encountered a stranger who insisted that she was the international solo artist. "I was in a music festival in 2014, and a girl kept trying to buy me a drink because she really thought I was Lorde who went there just to watch the show! I guess the more inebriated people are, the more I look like Lorde to them." Up 'til today, people still can't help but comment on how similar her features are to Lorde's. "It happens everywhere! In school, in parties, in music festivals, at restaurants, literally everywhere. Much more when I'm out with friends."


Lorde (left) and Kali (right). Photos from @lordemusic and @kalihuff


Kali calls herself a true Lorde fan. "Honestly, it's a huge compliment. She is a true artist, and she has revolutionized pop music. Her lyrics can be vulnerable and her vocals can floor you, but then she'll turn around and put a playful melody that somehow just works and is wholly to her. Lorde is my go-to karaoke artist (complete with her signature dance moves)—and honestly, she's one-of-a-kind and I'm a true fan."


Lorde (left) and Kali (right). Photos from @lordemusic and @kalihuff


In true fan girl spirit, Kali dressed up as the "Royals" singer last year. "My friends begged me to go as her for Halloween every year, and I finally gave in."


Kali (middle) as Lorde, together with her friends dressed up as Wonder Woman and Macklemore.



Kali's mother is Filipino, while her father is American. Apart from playing (and coaching) soccer, she likes to read books. She is currently studying for the upcoming law school entrance exams. 


Check out more photos in this slideshow below:





Photos from @lordemusic and @kalihuff