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Shay Mitchell Is Expecting—It's Her Second Pregnancy After Her 2018 Miscarriage

The last time Netflix's You star Shay Mitchell had her Filipino fans fawning over her, she was in Manila for a highly anticipated press conference with co-star Penn Badgley and checked into luxurious resorts in Palawan for a quick tropical getaway. But this month, she's given them a whole new reason to be enamored by her; she's expecting, and she couldn't be happier about motherhood. 



Does this mean I’m allowed to drive in the car pool lane at all times now?

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The Filipino-Canadian beauty made the big announcement on social media, penning a post on Instagram and uploading a video on her YouTube channel telling her pregnancy story so far, and to mark the beginning of her "Almost Ready" series, a stream of scheduled videos she'll be uploading to document her pregnancy journey. 

The pilot video, straightforwardly titled "Guess Who's Preggers" has garnered close to 4.5 million view in just a little over three days, while her Instagram post has racked up a similar number with 4.6 million likes and thousands of comments on both platforms. 


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Many of her fans and celebrity friends alike were quick to point out how well Shay kept the big secret. She's six months along as of this writing, and the fact that she's been in a relationship for much longer was even more shocking to a majority of her followers. 

As it seems, Shay's baby's daddy is Matte Babel, a Canadian TV personality, and they've been a (super low-key) couple since 2017. He also took the opportunity to show his support for Shay by posting his own tribute to her on Instagram, confirming their relationship status. 


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With so much of her life being revealed in quick bursts, the 32-year-old explained that her choice to be private in the past has been deliberate. But with a baby on the way, and millions of people around the world waiting to see what's next for her and Matte, she promised to be more open with her life's most memorable moments—beginning with her pregnancy—in the hopes of becoming an inspiration.

It's important to note, however, that Shay isn't capitalizing on her pregnancy as the next big celebrity publicity gimmick; her intentions are genuine and coming from a place of healing. 

That's because this isn't actually Shay's first pregnancy. In the second half of 2018, she quietly grieved over the miscarriage she suffered and simply posted a broken heart emoji next to an ultrasound photo. 


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Though Shay considered the experience one of the darkest times in her life, she's clearly bounced back from the pain and trauma, focusing her strength and efforts to ensure her and her baby's safety this time around. 

Congratulations to parents-to-be Shay and Matte!


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