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EXCLUSIVE: Lorin Gutierrez Is An Up-And-Coming Vlogger And An Aspiring Theater Actress


The Gutierrez family is among the most well known showbiz clans. They are so popular and their lives are so exciting they were even deemed perfect to have their own reality TV show, It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez. When one is thrust in that kind of world, it's easy for the spotlight to blind you and the fame to get into your head, but Ruffa Gutierrez's daughter Lorin, 15, prefers a more laid-back lifestyle and a drama-free life overall.   

With her family background, it's easy to picture her leading a lavish day-to-day life, but she shares that she's just like any other teens her age. Lorin tells Metro.Style, “I go to school, then hangout with friends. When I get home, I do homework, study, and then watch YouTube or Netflix after. My typical day is very normal."


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"I'm really grateful with my mom that she never raised me in a way where I felt I was different"


Lorin with her mom Ruffa Gutierrez | Photo from @loringabriella


A throwback photo of her and sister Venice with their grandparents, Eddie Gutierrez and Annabelle Rama | Photo from @loringabriella


The incoming Grade 11 student credits this outlook to her upbringing. She’s grateful her mom never raised her in a way that made her feel like she’s different from others. “I don’t think I’m entitled to certain things just because my family’s like this or that,” she explains. “I’m just more reliant upon myself. Instead of looking for other people to help me when something happens, I started looking at myself to get through.”

There is no pressure to follow in her mom's footsteps, but somehow she was drawn to a career that is related to the industry she was born into: theater acting. “I really like acting. That’s what felt the most natural to me. There’s just something about getting to play a character and putting yourself in the shoes of someone else,” Lorin shares.


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“I really like acting. That’s what felt the most natural to me"


On Lorin: Dress by Reynier Abello


In school, she had a role in the 1945 British romantic drama film-turned-play "Brief Encounter," and will soon be part of an upcoming play, "Chicago, the Musical." When asked about her dream project, she immediately replied: a role in the musical "Grease."

Although she loves acting, Lorin is keen on making a name for herself in another field. It is her ultimate goal to become a successful businesswoman. Business is currently her favorite subject, and for the upcoming school break, she’s even joining a summer course on Economics!


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"I think being independent is about having your own mindset, which isn’t influenced by others. Your morals, standing firm in what you believe in, and advocating for what you think is right, and not being influenced by the opinions and ideas of others" 



“There are so many artists now and I don’t just wanna live off my mom’s name or anything. I kind of want to also have my own thing. It’s also something that I just find fun,” says the up-and-coming vlogger whose YouTube channel currently has more than 56,000 subscribers. 

It makes such a huge difference that Ruffa is supportive of her daughters' dreams. Lorin shares how their mom gives them the freedom to choose what passions they want to pursue. Ruffa never forced her daughters Lorin and Venice to go into showbiz, and for that, they love, admire, and respect her dearly. The beauty queen mom is blessed, too, for having daughters who are driven to succeed. 


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 "I just want people to know that I'm a good person. That’s what I wanna be known for. I mean, more than all the fame, all the achievements, I want them to think I'm a nice person"



For someone as young as Lorin, she speaks her mind eloquently and confidently, proof of how independent-minded she is. If there’s anything Lorin would like to impart to her fellow young ones, it’s to constantly work hard and be patient. “No matter where you come from, you have a chance to make it on your own. I know it’s gonna be harder for other people if you have less privilege; there’s gonna be people out there who no matter how hard you try, certain circumstances can stop you. But even then, always think outside of the box and not get held back by your surroundings,” she advises.

Lorin has her eyes set on her goals, but if things don't go quite as she envisioned them to be and opportunities slipped out of her hands, she's sure of one thing: “Despite all the independence, you’ll always have a home and a family to come back to.” And that's enough motivation to get up and try again.





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