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EXCLUSIVE: "Hopefully One Day I'd Be Known As Venice Gutierrez"—This Showbiz Royalty Talks About Wanting To Make A Name For Herself


It was only in 2017 when Ruffa Gutierrez's daughter Venice was allowed to have a social media account, giving us a peek into the kind of lady she's growing up to be. Prior to that, she and her elder sister Lorin have been living their lives away from the spotlight, except for some appearances on their family's reality TV show, It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez.

The first time you meet Venice, it's easy to dismiss her as the shytype. But once you get to know her,  you'll find that she actually takes after the bold and fun personality of her mom and her grandmother Annabelle Rama. Her sister Lorin describes her as the funny one. And as we've learned in this exclusive interview, Venice is also a passionate individual who can't wait to spread her wings and soar. "I'm very loud, outgoing, and sociable," Venice says.


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"I'm still known as 'anak ni Ruffa,' and I think I will always will be. [But] hopefully one day, I'd be known as Venice Gutierrez" 


Venice with her mom Ruffa | Photo from @iloveruffag


Venice is into photography. This is just one of the many nice photos that can be found on her Instagram feed. | Photo from @venicebektas


Education is a top priority for this incoming freshman, but academics is not only where she excels at. Venice is into extra-curricular activities as well, and is enjoying playing volleyball and rugby. She says, “With volleyball, it’s really fun and I like the thrill of it. Rugby, meanwhile, is one of the biggest sports in my school. It always looked fun when the boys would do it. So I was like, why should I not do it?"

Aside from being sporty, she's creative, too! Photography and music are two of her interests. “I don’t know what I want in life yet. But I wanna be successful and happy,” Venice tells Metro.Style. Whatever the future holds for her, there’s one thing she hopes will happen, though, and that's for her to be known as Venice Gutierrez.


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"I'd like to be known for something good... I just wanna be known as a good role model"



As a member of one of the biggest showbiz clans in the Philippines, fame is already attached to her name. But the 14-year-old stays optimistic about it, musing, “Hopefully, I’d be known as something other than the ‘anak ni Ruffa.’ But as of right now, do I mind it? I kinda do. But I know that one day, I will be known as Venice."

Don't get her wrong, she loves her mom, and is grateful that she is Ruffa's daughter. She looks up to her and admires her resilience. Aside from her mom, another source of inspiration for her is her grandmother Annabelle. “They are so different but have the same values on how life should go. And they’re both very strong,” Venice shares. But now that she's on her way to adulthood, it's but natural for her to want to make a name for herself. 

"There are so many lessons I haven't learned yet and things I've never experienced yet, but I think I'm mature for my age," she points out. 


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Venice on Ruffa: "She's a very good mom. I'm very lucky to have her as a mom. Our relationship isn't between friends. I don't count her as a friend; she doesn't count me as her friend. What we have is a mother and daughter relationship"



Venice is transitioning into a young lady now, but she acknowledges the fact that even after she blooms into a woman, she’ll forever be her mom’s baby girl. “I don’t think that’s ever gonna change, and it’s okay. Because I love her anyways,” she says. 

Even as she stays in the shadow of her family, Venice has no doubt that she will carve her own path and find her own niche. And for those who feel like they can't quite break out of their shell or comfort zone, she says, “Find something that you really wanna go for and just be unique. It’s so hard to step away from your family’s background, so I think you really have to find something different. Because if you pursue acting and your entire family does acting as well, then it’s gonna be a little harder. But if they all act and you sing, it sets you apart from the rest,” she concludes.






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