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Hotness Alert! Meet The 4 Sizzling Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 Winners

Be "fitspired" by the champions of this year's Century Tuna Superbods Ageless competition!


Superbods first runners-up Anthony Wahl and Bella Ysmael stand next to Superbods grand winners Maureen Montagne and Jules Aquino, Ageless champs Johann Ludovica and Angel Jones, and Ageless first runners-up Jerome Salvado and Mica Fuentes 


The highly-anticipated competition that promotes physical fitness and overall healthy living raised the bar this year by naming not two, but four winners! In a move to prove that fitness knows no age, the competition was widened to include contestants aged 38-50 for the very first time.

"These past few months have proven that whatever one’s age, there’s really no limit to being fit and sexy as proven by our finalists, especially those in the Ageless category," says Century Pacific Food, Inc., EVP and COO Greg Banzon.


A shot of last week's Century Tuna Superbods Ageless competition 


The Philippines' hottest men and women show off their enviable bodies 


See them sizzle!


It took months for the winners to become the ultimate faces of the competition; they walked runways and competed in physically-demanding activities while sharpening their Q&A skills and promoting their health-related advocacies.

Out of a pool of 40 finalists composed of the Philippines' healthiest and fittest men and women, four winners were revealed in last week's ceremony held at Okada Manila's premier party destination, Cove.



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Get to know the Century Tuna Superbods category winners here:


Jules Aquino

  • He's 25.
  • He modeled for some time before taking his fitness career to the next level.
  • He and his family once lived in the United States before moving back to the Philippines.
  • Going to the gym was his way of coping with life's challenges.
  • He suffered a grave injury that put a halt on his dreams of becoming an athlete scholar, but chose to concentrate on what else his body was still capable of, rather than what it could no longer do.
  • Outside the gym, he loves to run. In fact, he's also a running coach.
  • He loves sports and fitness so much that he's thinking of putting up an athletic foundation as a way of giving back to how they helped him get through life.


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Maureen Montagne

  • She's 24.
  • Maureen has had lots of experience in modeling, television, and pageantry. Posh magazine shoots are something she's familiar with, while she's also participated in Miss USA 2015 and America's Miss World 2017 and done TV commercials.
  • She's from Chandler, Arizona.
  • She decided to finish college first before going into modeling full-time.
  • She always highlights her Filipino roots whenever she can and is an active member of the Abaka Foundation which allows kids from Fil-Am communities in Arizona to learn about Filipino culture.


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And here are the first-ever Century Tuna Superbods Ageless winners:


Johann Ludovica

  • He's 42.
  • Fitness is his passion and career; it's what he lives for.
  • Johann also won the special Runway Award at the competition.
  • His greatest motivation in staying fit is seeing the improvement in himself and knowing that bodies are capable of getting better and better.
  • He defines fitness both as looking great, being able to do more, and generally being able to enjoy life to the fullest.



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Angel Jones

  • She's 39.
  • She's the famous mom of actor Tony Labrusca; Angel and Tony are both fitness buffs.
  • Aside from winning the grand prize, Angel was also named one of the recipients of the Ultimate Challenge prize.
  • She relates fitness to love. Her advice? Fall in love with yourself first and become the best version of yourself before looking for love elsewhere.
  • Although she became a mom at 17, now, she embraces motherhood. She sees it as a chance to spend more time with her family and be that "cool" mom who works out, travels with, and attends events with them.
  • She admits to attracting younger men on occasion, but she just laughs it off!
  • She believes in improving your body from the inside out rather than depending on invasive procedures to look and feel your best.


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