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EXCLUSIVE: Everything Influencer Kryz Uy Loves About Her Husband-To-Be Slater Young

If you had told blogger Kryz Uy that she and Pinoy Big Brother champ Slater Young would eventually fall in love and she would become Mrs. Young, she would have laughed out loud and likely called you nuts.



The thing is, despite having known each other for most of their lives, this Cebu-raised couple had not always thought themselves great friends, let alone a good match for a commitment as binding as marriage. Kryz in particular was the more defiant of the two; rather than be attracted to Slater and his then budding star status, it repeled her. She was convinced that there was no way she could ever be part of the fame game. 

But Slater was determined, and his charm, apparently irresistable and more importantly, genuine. He turned out to be for real, and not just for the "reel"—a great guy, overall. So great, in fact, that Kryz unhesitatingly gave her "yes" when he asked her to marry him on the scenic ski slopes of Niseko, Japan in February, after three years of happy togetherness. 


EXCLUSIVE: Engaged Couple Slater Young And Kryz Uy On The Bright Future That Lies Ahead Of Them


Photo by Jan Gonzales




These lovebirds are now set to wed in a few months' time, and are already armed and ready with their wedding plans, their own home to move into as Mr. and Mrs., and a honeymoon destination for the books. 

As this bride in the making will happily tell you, it was quite a journey from Point A to Point B when it comes to her relationship with Slater who eventually traded in life in the spotlight for a full-time career in engineering and entrepreneurship. Over time, this Kapamilya artist turned Liteblock CEO has given the millennial influencer much to love about him, and even more to look forward to when they can finally call themselves husband and wife. 

To get you excited for the upcoming Uy-Young nuptials, learn about everything Kryz Uy loves about her fiancé, Slater Young: 



Look! Kryz Uy And Slater Young Get Officially "Chinese Engaged" In Their Ting Hun!


Chill is the way to go

Top of mind, Kryz will describe Slater as one of the "chillest people she knows"—at least when it comes to the things most people these days preoccupy themselves with. He's a fuss-free dresser, isn't brand-conscious, is socially adaptable, and allows Kryz to take the wheel in situations she's more passionate about than him (i.e.: their travels and their wedding activities). 


No fighting, please

Slater doesn't like to linger on disagreements and like her, wishes to solve and move on from them as quickly and drama-free as possible. 

Kryz shares, "When Slater and I were dating, we never really argued; it was very rare. We never fought because we’re like the same person. Our values are super synced. The way he thinks is so similar to the way I think, so we never had conflicts." 


Chinese + Cebuano = perfection

Kryz and her family are Cebuano-Chinese, and so are Slater and his brood. Neither of them had dated anyone with such similar cultural and familial backgrounds so that when they did get together, both were shocked about how easy it was to introduce the other to their relatives—a monumental task to accomplish if they had very different upbringings. 

"It’s definitely good talaga that he’s Cebuano. The culture is so different. On his side, I [ was] the only [girlfriend who was] Chinese and Cebuano, so nagulat din siya na ang dali pala," she explains. 



Metro.Style flew to Cebu to visit engaged couple #SlaterYoung and #KryzUy in their hometown. In this exclusive cover feature, we talk to the couple about how their relationship blossomed, their wedding plans, the family home they're building, and the importance of giving each other room to grow as individuals. Link in our bio for the full video! #YoungandKrizzzie Produced by @gracelibero and @saraloopdeloop Videography by @kurtficktures Makeup by @wowshyra Hair by @criieszha Styling by @edwardboywonder, assisted by Axel Que, Kim Monteza, and Miles Lorejo Shot on location at @baihotel_cebu Special thanks to @wtalentmanagement, Jenny Syjueco, @visions_pr, and @bigseedpr

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Look! Slater Young And Kryz Uy Start Building Their House In Cebu


Taking charge

If Kryz is taking care of wedding-related planning, Slater, as an engineer, volunteered to stay on top and be extremely hands-on with the construction of their new home in Cebu. He's saving Kryz the stress from thinking about both major activities at the same time, taking note to accommodate her only two requests: a more than roomy walk-in closet and a lovely kitchen. 


Future family man

Although it might be a long way until Kryz and Slater become a mom and dad, Kryz already envisions her soon-to-be-husband as the disciplinarian in the family. Not something she fears, she simply sees it as him wishing to pass down all the morals and values he possesses and that she grew to love him for: practicality, humility, family-orientedness, and respectfulness. (She admits to feeling like she'll be the parent who "spoils kids rotten!") 


Preserving individuality

It's true that Kryz and Slater have become such big parts of each other's lives and experienced so much together even before marriage, but that is not to say that they no longer have their own identities outside of their relationship. This is one of Kryz's (and Slater's) favorite thing about them: they allow each other to have space to be their separate persons, pursue their own interests, and go through other experiences with others despite their commitment to each other. 

In relation to this, Slater has never been controlling, either.

"I think it’s also nice that we both have our own things. Sobrang iba ng lives namin, so I appreciate it when he tells me about his day even if it’s so boring, so technical. But, I’m happy that he’s telling me about it. I matter to him. When I tell him naman about my adventures, okay na sa kanya. [He doesn't tell me] don’t do this, [don't do that]," Kryz details. 



A good listener

Of course, not every day is a sunny day even for a couple as bonded as Kryz and Slater. They do run into the occasional discussion at times, and when it's Kryz who feels the need to air out her frustrations, he is quick to lend a listening ear and consider her sentiments without butting heads with her. Although a small gesture to some, it makes a huge impact on the healthiness of a relationship. 


Money matters

Relationships aren't just about the intangible things like love, hopes, and dreams; practical things like finances and being prepared for what the future holds come into play, too. Sometimes a cause for major disagreements between couples, Kryz is thankful that she and Slater are on the same page when it comes to money: she calls him a wise spender overall, while still admiring his ability to know when it's acceptable to indulge. In her eyes, he's mastered the tricky balancing out of managing finances. 



Produced by Grace Libero-Cruz and Sara de los Reyes

Photography by SweetEscape and Jan Gonzales

Makeup by Shyra Qyumbi

Hair by Criieszha Canoy

Styling by Edward James Castro, assisted by Axel QueKim Monteza, and Miles Lorejo

Shot on location at Bai Hotel Cebu

Special thanks to W Talent ManagementJenny SyjuecoVisions & Expressions, and Bigseed PR