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Social Media For Social Change: Natalie Portman Joins Instagram

Harvard alumni and outspoken social advocate Natalie Portman has finally created her first-ever social media account.

The 36-year-old actress is known for valuing her privacy above all else, once saying that signing up for any kind of social media would be the last thing she would want to do. But with recent exposes that revealed Hollywood's ugly underbelly—specifically, its "open secrets" of rampant sexual abuse and harassment—Natalie has had a radical change of heart. 




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The Oscar-winning actress signed up for Instagram a few days after New Year's day not to document photos of her favorite breakfast joints, cute pets, or #OOTDs as many stars do, but to be a powerful voice in the #TimesUp movement. 

The movement is a response to recent Hollywood controversies, and a stronger follow-up to the pioneering #MeToo movement. While #MeToo was formed to encourage other victims of sexual abuse to come forward and to raise awareness, #TimesUp was created as a call of action. #TimesUp also came about as major response to a letter written by female farm workers to women in Hollywood about their own injustices and abuse they constantly face. 

The women behind #MeToo are also heavily involved with #TimesUp, but the latter has no designated leaders or founders. Natalie, along with other leading ladies in Hollywood and non-celebrity volunteers, are the hands-on team behind it. Reese Witherspoon, Ellen Page, Brie Larson, Kerry Washington, Shonda Rhimes, Eva Longoria, Ashley Judd, America Ferrera, Emma Stone, and Rashida Jones are just some of the celebrities championing the cause. 



So far, Natalie's 10 Instagram posts focus on getting the word out there. It features #TimesUp's mission statement and a letter collectively written by women in film and television as a response to that from the mentioned farm workers. 

Most notably, Natalie has linked her posts to the #TimesUp Legal Defense Fund. The fund was created as financial aid for women suffering injustices in the workplace who wish to hold their abusers accountable. So far, the fund has reached its $13 million mark in less than a month. The goal is to raise a total of $15 million, and Taylor Swift and Oprah Winfrey have reportedly already donated to the fund. 



If there was anything going to persuade this actress to join the digital sphere, it needed to be for something worthwhile and meaningful. 

With women like Natalie Portman leading this paradigm shift, it's certain that time of abuse, harassment, discrimination, and injustice is, indeed, up, and the time of change, action, and solidarity has finally begun. 


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