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Try Not To Cry With Solenn Heussaff As She Gets Emotional About First-Time Motherhood

It was long, tough nine months, she says with moist eyes, but in the end, love and excitement ruled over all other things

Thylane Katana—that's Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico's baby girl.

She was born on December 31, 2019, making their New Year's Eve extra special this 2020 and for all the years to come. The little one is sure to grow into a real beauty one day, and she made her social media debut on her proud dad's Instagram just a few days after her birth; the heartwarming snap shows the doting first-time father cradling his daughter on his chest.  


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And while everyone is excited for what's to come—matching mother-daughter OOTDs, Thylane's first laugh, the nursery, the first family photo shoot, and lots of other fun stuff—Solenn celebrated the special time with a look back at the past nine months instead. 

In an 11-minute video posted on her YouTube channel, she recounts all of the things that made her first pregnancy memorable—and at several points, incredibly scary. The mini documentary was filmed before she gave birth and even showed her holding back tears as she fought against the fears of a complicated delivery, the details of which she shared in hopes of comforting others moms going through their own pregnancy woes.


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Here's what expecting mommies (and daddies, too!) can learn from Solenn: 

Solenn and Nico thought Thylane would be born prematurely.

On her fifth month, or middle of her second trimester, a trip to the doctor revealed that this little baby girl was a bit small for her stage of development. It was a terrible experience for these then parents-to-be, as they were anticipating a premature birth and other complications their baby would have to surpass.


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Solenn was prone to thrombosis. 

Thrombosis is scary enough to deal with when not pregnant, but when a baby is involved, the condition is triply worrying. Such was the case for Solenn who discovered that she was prone to the condition that makes large blood clots in deep veins (i.e.: major arteries that are crucial in delivering blood to organs and body parts, then back to the heart) more likely to occur. If untreated, the condition can be life-threatening to both mother and child. To manage it, Solenn received blood-thinning agents via injection—something she had to clear with worried fans when someone noticed (and shared a photo of) Nico injecting a substance into her belly. 


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She also had to deal with placenta calcification.

This, too, was a life-threatening situation, causing Solenn to cry over why her pregnancy was so complicated. In a nutshell, placenta calcification occurs when calcium-phosphate minerals get deposited in a placenta. It isn't a bad or unnatural process per se, but it becomes so if it happens prematurely (often before 36 weeks of pregnancy) because these minerals degrade (break down) a placenta, taking away a baby's first line of defense way before it's time for her to be born. 


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But in the end, this mom found light in it all.

She had nine—yes, nine!—friends who were also pregnant at the same time as her (including fellow actress and sister-in-law Anne Curtis who is expecting to give birth in March) and it was a comfort for her to have gone through similar experiences with them. 

Nonetheless, Solenn still managed to celebrate the happy things about upcoming motherhood like preparing a nursery that's decked out with art she painted herself, shopping for baby goodies, a Mexican-inspired maternity shoot, a simple backyard BBQ party that doubled as a baby shower, a trip to Anilao (though she and Nico originally planned to go to Italy) and even a cover shoot with Metro magazine for its 30th anniversary. 


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Thylane is finding her place in the Bolzico-Heussaff home.

Beginning with appearances on Instagram Stories and even being the subject of one of Nico's signature hilarious Instagram posts. This time, he taught his 1.2 million followers how to properly pronounce his daughter's French name. Thylane might be a challenge for many Filipinos, but he makes sure everyone will get it right (and have a laugh or two) in no time.

Check out Solenn's complete pregnancy experience vlog in the video below!

Photos from @solenn